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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Chef Mo's Ribhouse

Another restaurant located at the same building along Malingap Street in UP Village where you have Parilla, Ally's All Day Breakfast, Happy Thai and Angus Tapa Centrale is Chef Mo's Ribhouse. We decided to check it out as we had a craving for good meat (i.e., steak or ribs). We ended having our fill of really good ribs.

Chef Mo's menu featuring the specialty of the house - what else but ribs
The interior was actually a surprise to us
The place was elegantly furnished and definitely provided a good atmosphere for a good meal
Here are other items on their menu including side dishes and drinks
Decorative pieces on the wall include these plates, a clock and these lamps
Counter and walls evoked a log cabin that made you feel at home at the restaurant
The false window made the place look bigger than it was and they also had a nice chandelier
A turntable provided the music for diners. The resto had many records and playing at the time we had lunch were The Stylistics.
What do you eat at a ribhouse? Ribs, of course!
The verdict on the specialty of the house is that their hickory ribs were great! They were as good as advertised on their menu - delicately cooked and grilled to perfection. This was the equivalent of melt in your mouth for meat and you definitely didn't need a knife to cut the meat and separate them from the bones. You can compare this with Rack's and I thought that their preparation and cooking probably was the same as that of the established restaurant. We thought their food was priced just right (read: not expensive considering the quality of their ribs). Chef Mo's is highly recommended especially for your cravings for good, old fashioned and very tasty ribs. We will definitely come back to this restaurant.

Friday, January 2, 2015

More firsts and restoring hope in time for the new year

I wrote about a lot of firsts happening in the past year. I forgot to write about a few experiences including one that had me writing successive posts in tribute to a friend lost. It was indeed an eventful year and I just wanted to recap a few other firsts and then some other experiences last 2014.

A few months after moving to our new home, our beloved Labrador Retriever Troy was diagnosed with cancer. We had to monitor his condition and for two and a half months we had our weekly visits to the vet for his blood work and medication. We ruled out going to a high end clinic and relied on our vet and the UP Vet Hospital to administer the tests and medication. Troy was ruled out of a certain viral infection but was positive for another that probably affected his immune system and weakened him a lot. We spent a lot of sleepless nights before he given steroids and pain killers to ease his condition. He passed away last August as we said tearful goodbyes before he was put to sleep by his vets who were also teary eyed during the procedure. Prior to his passing and to ease the pain of the loss we had adopted a puppy, a Golden Retriever whom we named Mocha but also call Mokey. She is now almost full-grown but still very much a puppy at heart.

Our Mocha enjoying the morning sun
We had to attend to several government transactions last year including those that required us going to city hall to have our homes appraised for real estate taxes. I say "homes" because I was referring to both our old and new houses. The Clairvoyant had attended to the payments for 2014 and those were made at the temporary site at the provincial capitol. The payments for 2015 had to be made at the newly renovated Antipolo City Hall and we did it in mid December to avail of the incentive of a 20% discount on property taxes for people paying before 2015. It was a bit chaotic when we arrived (a lot of other people were thinking about the same incentive and flocked to city hall) but things eventually calmed down and with a system in place it was smooth sailing for our payment.

Earlier in December, I had to book an appointment with the Department of Foreign Affairs to renew my passport. Fortunately, their system was one of the more efficient ones in government and their satellite offices allowed people to go to a more convenient venue for consular services. It was my first time to renew my passport in one of these satellite offices and it took me under 3 hours including and mostly due to the long queues because of additional people who came in after missing their appointments the previous 2 days because of foul weather (There was a typhoon early in  the week and government offices were closed.). The DFA did their part in releasing my passport a week before Christmas (I paid extra for the rush.) but it was the courier service who failed to deliver my passport before the Christmas break. Tracking my passport online, I was angry about the report that the package could not be delivered because of "incorrect address" and "no one in office." These were flimsy excuses for a major courier company especially after they sent me messages on two occasions asking for directions to my office, which I promptly replied to and with details. I ended up getting my passport after Christmas and just before the New Year break. 

We always hear and read about horror stories involving services rendered by government and private entities. There are just too many and these happen to often to a lot of people despite the availability of tools such as IT to make things more efficient. The Clairvoyant had the misfortune of experiencing one of the still inefficient transactions - getting a clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). A lot of people have to go through this as a requirement for job applications, visa applications and other matters requiring the NBI Clearance. Yet, despite their efforts for electronic transactions, their system still falls short of the efficiency required for such an important requirement for employment, travel and other matters. Clearly, they need to double their efforts as the procedure and the queues for NBI Clearance has become a poster image for government inefficiency notwithstanding the kilometer-long queues for the EDSA-MRT.

We look forward to a lot of things, mostly improvements to basic services that government and private entities owe to people. We do pay for these with our taxes and the fees that we agreed to based on services they have promised to deliver. More often these are expensive fees and thus we expect to get the most out of the hard-earned cash that we turn over as payment to these services. That is only right and fair and what many of us have seen as being delivered with efficiency in other countries. Having lived in Japan and Singapore, we have seen how services can be rendered efficiently and effectively and how such delivery enhances the quality of life in those countries. We are hopeful that we can get that high quality of services from bot government and private companies who are in-charge of utilities and other services.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


A great man passed away just recently. He was a pioneer, a visionary, a man who dared to live his life his way, and in the process influence others' lives along the way. Steve Jobs lost his battle with pancreatic cancer but surely won his other battles and the war altogether as he lived a life that will be remembered most of all for what he imparted through his ideas and creations.

I only got to finally get my own Macbook last year after hesitating for a few years and deciding against the iPhone (I opted for a BlackBerry instead). The Clairvoyant and I now have 2 Macbooks and an iPad, with another one probably coming along soon. We quickly learned how to use the things thanks to superior user interface that is the trademark of Steve Jobs' products. The term "user friendly," after all, is something that applied and applies to Apple more than any other company.

For a nice article on Steve Jobs, one can read the Steve Jobs, 1955-2011 by Rest in peace Mr. Jobs, knowing you will continue to live in the Macbooks, iPhones, iPods and iPads, and hopefully those of this world who cared enough to listen and brave enough to live their lives unhindered.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


I never knew Dave that well. We were never close and I could only claim to be his acquaintance, though inside I've always felt as if we were friends. That's probably among his best traits. He made one feel he or she belongs. He made people around him feel comfortable and, may I say, good. He was always one to extend his hand and call you “pare” even if it were the first time you met him.

Most of what I know about Dave were what the clairvoyant related to me. He was, after all, a mentor to her. She was an associate at the law firm bearing his name and he took her under his wing as she sought to gain valuable experience in mostly corporate legal work. It was while she was with the firm that I met Dave. I have to admit that he was one of those people you'd call “malakas ang dating” but give the guy a break – he was a good person and oozing with confidence in that he projected himself as the best person in any given time he was present. Yet, it is always nice to know and feel that one knew that best person. The only thing he probably was not able to pursue is a career in politics – what could have been a nod to his great grandfather the gentleman senator that the busiest street in Makati has been named after.

I've wanted to write this piece about Dave after he passed away last Saturday. It came as a shock to all of us who knew him one away or another. His passing was so abrupt, so unexpected that one feels he had so many unfinished business about him. But knowing Dave, it only appeared as if he had so many things left unfinished. Perhaps if he were any other person that would be true. But he wasn't just any person. He was Dave and he was an achiever. He accomplished so much that he will surely be missed not because people depended on him buy because people loved him and his company. Dave was among the most decent people I've ever met and it is this decency combined with his kindness and propensity to be generous that he'll probably be best remembered.

On this eve to Easter, happy resurrection Dave!