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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Mango trees in full bloom

The village where I reside in was supposedly formerly a mango orchard. As such, there are many old large mango trees everywhere. The Clairvoyant and I like to think that a mature mango tree is the status symbol for a homeowner in our village and we are fortunate to have one in our home. We actually oriented our house to retain the mango tree in our lot (the right thing to do) and it is one of the distinct features of our home.

Most of the old mango trees where I reside are now in full bloom. Many branches (large and small) are now sagging with the weight of the flowers. I am afraid branches will start crashing down once the flowers transform into fruits.
Our mango tree had not been as productive the past almost 4 years after a large branch was removed by a strong typhoon in 2014. We were able to harvest something like 3 to 4 boxes of carabao mangoes then, and now look forward to a good harvest in a few weeks.
Another street and more flowering mango trees.
We hope to have a good harvest in the coming weeks and are praying that there won't be heavy rains that will ruin the flowers.

Saturday, April 1, 2017


We start April with something that seems unusual but is actually natural. There's a large, old tree near our home and along one of our favorite walking/jogging routes. The tree is one of those that grow roots from its branches. These roots appear to be hanging at first but they eventually reach the ground and bore into it. The result is quite unique and you won't see any other that's the same as this one or another. My biologist friend says its a rubber tree. And another thing about it is that it grew at the border of Antipolo and Taytay. And so it serves as a landmark for us whenever we go on a walk that we are crossing boundaries every time we pass the tree.

Old tree at the border of Antipolo and Taytay - there are two signs shown in the photo. One is stating that you are crossing over to Antipolo and the other states that you are entering Taytay.
One of the roots of the tree found the power and telephone lines along its way down and ended up with the tree "embracing" the cables and with one root even running along and above the phone line.
That second photo is the basis for the title of this article. "Pulupot" is a term in Filipino or Tagalog used to describe someone or something wrapped around another.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Tipulo Tree

We went to a possible venue for our 15th wedding anniversary last Saturday and were impressed with the estate we visited in our home city of Antipolo. Our host that afternoon was so kind to show us around and a highlight of the visit for us was something that we didn't quite expect to see there. Near the house of the owner stood a gigantic and likely to be very old Tipulo tree. This is the tree after which this city was supposed to have gotten her name.  Here are a couple of photos of the tree, which we took for posterity.

A gigantic, old Tipulo tree appeared to be the centerpiece near the home of the owner of the estate we visited
The tree had large leaves and bore these oddly shaped fruits.