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Friday, September 5, 2014

Afternoon tea

We were at the Bonifacio Global City last week to receive the memorial to our black lab Troy who passed more than two weeks ago. As we waited for the delivery, we decided to check out the newly opened TWG tea restaurant at Bonifacio High Street. The wife and I had a few cups of tea at the TWG's in Singapore when we lived there a few years ago though I don't remember us purchasing tea for consumption at home. 

Customers are provided a copy of their tea book to browse about the hundreds of teas available with TWG. Of course, if you want a quick tip on what would be nice to drink any time of day or what teas are the bestsellers, don't hesitate to ask their very helpful staff. Afterwards, do a little reading on teas.

Our afternoon snack consisted of Imperial Jasmine tea, muffins and macarons. They were the perfect combination to a relaxed afternoon at the Fort. We actually ended up taking home a muffin and a few macarons but we did finish our tea.
With TWG finally in Manila, I guess there will be more branches opening soon. I'm not a coffee person and I actually prefer chocolate but I definitely enjoy a good cup of tea more than coffee. TWG is more than welcome to expand my knowledge of all these teas. I'm just not sure I can try out all those listed and described in their book.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cake and latte

While burning some time before a meeting at Bonifacio Global City, I decided have refreshments at the nearby Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or CBTL as it is also called. I had what I remembered as a flavored latte and a flourless chocolate cake. I was able to get a good spot at a corner in the cafe where I could review my notes with minimal people passing through my table and away from groups chatting in other tables.

Cake and iced tea latte at CBTL
I would like to think that I know how to spend time by myself in a cafe. It is actually enjoyable for me to have this kind of me time in the middle of a busy day even if it is just for a few minutes prior to a late afternoon meeting.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Miss Teapot

I discovered this nice little place along Marcos Highway, just across from the village were I reside. It wasn't really a discovery in the sense that it was the first time I saw it. The clairvoyant and I have always passed it as we drove to work or returned from the grocery. Always, we've mentioned we'll try it sometime - but always, too, we just didn't have the opportunity to check it out. Then, last night came the call and I must admit that it was my impulsive side that brought me to finally sample what the place had to offer.

I couldn't quite call it a cafe though they have coffee and the size of the place and ambiance pretty much states "cafe." What they did have was a lot of tea and the menu provided one with a nice selection of concoctions whether the preference would be hot or "iced" tea.

I figured the name "Miss Teapot" was a good enough name for a place offering good tea and from what I tasted I would agree that they did have something there. I browsed the menu while asking the crew what they recommended. I was informed that they served their hot tea on a burner. Unfortunately, I figured I didn't have time to savor the taste of hot tea as I was just trying to pass the time while waiting for the clairvoyant to arrive at the village gate. I decided instead to try one of their iced teas, the Chi tea. and sample one of the many cakes they offered. The chocolate cake, after all, beckoned from the time I entered the place.

I must admit I was a bit surprised and was happy when the tea arrived on a tall glass that looked more like a mug. It was a generous serving considering the price was about half of what I would have to shell out for something similar in one of those fancy cafes.

I will look forward to the next visit when, perhaps, I will be with the clairvoyant to jointly evaluate (and enjoy) the tea. After all, I am more a tea person than a coffee person. Chocolate? Now that's a different story and one that would need more space and more blogs posts.