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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Nadai Fujisoba at The Block

We enjoyed the food at Nadai Fujisoba's Bonifacio High Street branch. Our daughter liked eating there and the staff were attentive to their customers. They have another branch at The Block at SM City North EDSA. My colleagues and I were there as we accompanied one who was buying something there. Since it was lunch time, we decided to eat first and ended up choosing among the Japanese restaurants at the lower floor of The Block.

Restaurant front at The Block with replicas of the food in the menu on display.
Interior of the restaurant - it's clean all around and well lit. That goes well with good food and company. The kitchen is laid out longitudinally from the front to the back of the restaurant and is at the right in the photo.
Another look at the interior in the direction of the door.
I loved cold soba during summers and other seasons in Japan. I still love cold soba and will order or make a serving myself if I felt like I wanted to eat cold soba. I ordered a bowl with a piece of prawn on the side. Some may think its weird but coconut water goes really well with the soba.
My colleagues went for the lunch sets - one with the gyudon and soba set and another with the tempura and hot soba set.
Nadai Fujisoba serves really good, authentic Japanese food. I thought our lunch was one of those where we all got something that we could call comfort food. The only downside to this is that we need to travel all the way to North EDSA to eat at the restaurant. We were lucky that its still summer and traffic was not as bad as the typical weekday traffic. Of course, we haven't checked out UP Town Center for quite some time and there might be some new Japanese restaurants there to satisfy our occasional craving for Japanese food.