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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Okuya Japanese Restaurant, Naga City

Arriving Naga after quite a long drive, we had a good lunch at Red Platter, and then proceeded to check-in at a hotel. Afterwards, we proceeded to meet with our contacts there and brief the people who would be conducting field work with us. Still quite tired from the travel and wanting to have an earlier dinner, we decided to go to a Japanese restaurant we spotted while making our way to our hotel. We wanted to have some comfort food before we called it a day and Okuya presented us with our favorite in the form Japanese food.

Entrance to the restaurant
Salmon sashimi is among those we regard as comfort food
They have a lot of items on their menu including bento sets and other combos
Restaurant interiors - clean, orderly, well lighted
Chicken teriyaki box
Yasai itame
Their version of shoyu ramen
Tuna maki
The food at Okuya was okay. We thought the quality and presentation was generally at par with the Japanese restaurants we usually eat at around UP. The ramen though was average so perhaps that's one item that you're better off with the better known ramen restos. The sashimi, teriyaki, maki and tempura were enjoyable. The service was also very good and the prices didn't hurt so there's value for money here.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Red Platter, Naga City

We were quite picky in the restaurants where we ate at while in Naga City. We opted to consult with Trip Advisor for recommendations and found a top ten list we could refer to. Our first meal in Naga was lunch at Red Platter. My friends ate there a couple of weeks back and recommended the place.

Impressive display upon entering the restaurant
Interesting motto on display at the restaurant
There's ample space for people waiting to be seated
Decor in one of the dining area
Lamps dangling from the sun roof
The tables are easily reconfigurable for large group
We were so hungry after the long drive from Manila (though we did have a breakfast stop in Plaridel, Quezon) that we forgot to take photos of the food we ordered and ate. Needless to say, the food was good so we definitely enjoyed that part. We observed that the restaurant can get crowded as it is popular in the area. It took some time before we were seated but the service was efficient as they were able to take our orders as we waited for our table. The food was served almost as soon as we were seated. Red Platter is highly recommended.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Fukurou Nihon Ryori, Marcos Highway

There's this Japanese restaurant we usually spot along Marcos Highway near where we used to reside. The name is interesting as 'Fukurou" translates to "owl"in English. Without th 'u', "fukuro" translates into "bag" or "pouch". It is the latter which first came to my mind as I drove past it on the way home or heading to the office. The kanji on the menu though clearly meant "owl". We had wanted to eat here but just didn't have the chance to do so. One time I checked for lunch, it was a Monday and they were closed. A few weeks ago, we finally were able to eat there after attending to some errands in the area.

Menu - note the kanji at the top
Table set-up - yes, that's a real plant on a small pot
Restaurant interior - I only took photos of the areas where there are no customers as I usually didn't want to intrude into anyone's privacy. There were two other couples at the restaurant including one who seem to be on a date.
More of the restaurant's interiors
The bar showing a nice selection of Japanese wines and liquor including sake, shochu and whiskey
Appetizer - some traditional sweet-covered dilis (anchovies) over minced cabbage and some pickles
Their menu includes kid's meal items
Salmon sashimi
Katsu curry
Tonkotsu ramen
Melon shake and lemonade
Mochi with ice cream fillings
Japanese cheesecake
The food was good and authentic in taste. The presentation was also done very well and the service is also good. We thought this was a nice addition to the growing number of restaurants along Marcos Highway and particularly near Town & Country Executive Village, which had a commercial arcade that's been transformed into restaurants and cafes. It's definitely a welcome redevelopment of the area and we hope it attracts people/customers so they'd be encouraged to continue with business. For this particular restaurant, we hope they can attract more customers, too. I have always maintained that the area needs more authentic Japanese restaurants other than those in the malls (Note: I think Ayala's Feliz Mall has a really good selection of Japanese restaurants. And that's why we like to go there to address our cravings for Japanese food.)

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Ooma Japanese Restaurant

The Clairvoyant had been telling me about this restaurant they like to go to for lunches at Bonifacio High Street. One time we were able to escape for a date (our daughter allowed it :) ) we decided to have lunch at Ooma at their branch at SM Megamall.

Their take on the maki with a little kick
A very interesting presentation of the tori (chicken) karaage, which was crunchy and tasteful
The modern take on donburi was quite delightful with the meat melting in your mouth
Our drinks included an order of their own blend iced tea and the complementary (bottomless) mugi cha. I love mugi cha and it brings back memories of summers in Japan in the 1990s.
The food was really good, the service excellent and the prices won't punch a hole in your wallet or pocket. I am not surprise at all why they were full despite so many other Japanese restaurants in the mall and it the generally area where its located. We will definitely come back for another meal soon.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Chez Marie, SM City CDO Uptown

Another restaurant we ate at in CDO is one that's quite new. It wasn't there yet last December but immediately caught our attention as we surveyed restaurants for our lunch. Fortunately, my colleagues weren't feeling for more seafood that dinner time as we already had our fill the previous meals.

Poster showing some of their specialties
Their menu shows healthy selections including items whose ingredients are sourced from organic farms or freshly made at the restaurant
The interiors are interesting
And the food is really good. This is the chicken tikka I ordered, which came with a black rice variety
I had a dark chocolate popsicle for dessert partly to
Chez Marie, I think, is a must try restaurant for anyone looking for a good meal. The service is good and the prices are also reasonable. Add to this the ambiance that they were able to establish for a branch that's located in a mall.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Prawn House, Centrio, Cagayan De Oro

After a meeting near the downtown of Cagayan De Oro that finished early evening, my colleagues and I decided to go to Ayala's Centrio mall to have dinner there. After figuring out what we jokingly referred to as a maze inside the mall, we suddenly had a sort of difficult choice to make when we saw the selection of restaurants at the atrium area. These included branches of local restaurants we had tried before and the tried and tested ones we have in Manila.

We ended up at Prawn House, which is at the top floor and near the central stairs. One of us remembered seeing branches of the restaurant in Opol and near SM Uptown. Here are some photos from our dinner there.

Info on prawns printed on their placemats
Halaan soup has become somewhat a comfort food for us during trips like this.
Kilaw na tuna with seaweed
Grilled tuna belly
Baked scallops
Grilled cuttlefish (though restaurants generally refer to this as squid)
The food was good and the service, too. Prices are also very reasonable. In fact, we saw many families and not just groups from offices having their dinner there. Many seem to be regulars by the way they are greeted by the staff. Here's another restaurant that goes into our list of recommendations for when eating out in Cagayan De Oro. Of course, one must also try eating at their seaside branch in the next town of Opol.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Panagatan, SM City Cagayan De Oro Uptown

There is a restaurant that we often go to whenever we are in Cagayan De Oro or Iligan. The original one was in the town of Opol, located between the two cities, and along the seaside. I only learned recently, as I have not been in Iligan since 2009 and my stay in CDO last July 2018 was a hectic one that didn't allow us to go to the restaurant, that it now has six branches. Panagatan has expanded to include five more branches but these are located in malls rather than standalone restos.

Menu cover showing their branches in the region
Front cover of the menu
Seafood items
Soup and appetizers
The interior featured some curious items used as accents including these two wooden boats on the ceiling. I admire the effort here to make the restaurant inside the mall have a feel of their standalone branches.
Halaan soup always gives me a somewhat comforting feeling.
Chop suey for our serving of vegetables.
Our main dish of grilled fish came a little late and we were so hungry that I forgot to take a photo of the dish. Its okay, I think, since the presentation is the typical one for grilled tuna belly. I can still say that the food is good and the prices will not put a hole on your wallet of pocket. The service is okay though I cannot help but compare with the restaurant next door "Boy Zugba" that offers similar dishes but with more outgoing staff. We'll probably come back for a meal next time we're in CDO.