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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Shachihoko Japanese Restaurant, Circle Mall, Marikina

We finally got to go to Marikina again to try out one of the many restaurants in the city. There are actually several areas where you can have good meals in the city. These include Lilac Street, the streets near and around City Hall, Gil Fernando Avenue, and the Circle Mall in SSS Village.

I usually pass the Circle Mall of SSS Village en route to my office via the Tumana route and have been curious about this ramen restaurant.
We had an early lunch and arrived in time for the restaurant to open business for the day.
We were the only customers so it was easy to take photos of the restaurant. The main dining area is on the 2nd floor.
Nice clean set-up with ample space for groups
They had lunch sets (bento) and typical Japanese desserts, which were presented to us when the waitress handed us the menus (opened to these pages).
Ramen and udon items in the menu
Donburi or rice toppings for people on the go
Other Japanese food favorites on the menu
I had the Shiroi Ramen, which was delightful though a bit on the creamy side. That's gyoza near my bowl. We usually order gyoza to go as additional viand on the side whenever we have ramen.
The bar set-up at the first floor allows customers to observe the kitchen.
Shachihoko serves good food and the service was also good. To be honest, the ramen is good though not at the level of the more authentic restos (e.g., Ikkoryu Fukuoka, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, etc.). It should satisfy your Japanese food cravings though and it is on the more affordable side.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Happon, Maginhawa Street

There is another Japanese food-themed restaurant that we tried last year. I first saw Happon from across the street when we were eating at Hapag. And then a friend posted some photos of their group having dinner there. And so one time last December before the Christmas break, we decided to have lunch there.

Happon is located at the ground floor of a new building along Maginhawa Street
The interior is quite nice and shall I say picture perfect. The owners did very well here.
Tables and kitchen
The decors are simple and make you feel at home
There's a long counter near the entrance, which we thought was designed for individual customers (i.e., those who come to eat by themselves, and likely are there for a quick meal and won't really stay for long)
Their version of gyoza or fried dumplings
Miso ramen
We thought their food was okay but perhaps just par with your average Japanese restaurant. I think this is partly because they chose to be a ramen house and we know that there are just so many really good ramen restaurants around (e.g. the Ikkoryus, Ramen Nagis, etc.) that you could compare them with. Their donburi is better than the average but not really spectacular. There's room for some improvement here. As for the gyoza, we couldn't help but compare them with another restaurant at the end of Malingap Street near the corner with Matahimik Street. That restaurant's gyozas are the best in the area (although their ramen is also average). Will we eat here again? I would say yes but maybe not as often as in the other restos that we frequent in UP Village.


Friday, September 2, 2016

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, Greenhills Promenade

I open September and what is often jokingly referred to as the longest Christmas season in the world with a post about a favorite of ours. The Clairvoyant and I went on one of our rare dates to watch a concert at the Music Museum in Greenhills where two of our friends were performing. We decided to have dinner in the area and as we crossed to the Greenhills Promenade we made the quick decision to have Japanese food upon seeing Hokkaido Ramen Santouka.

Blended iced tea
Santouka chicken ramen - chicken noodle soup, the Japanese way, for which they only serve 20 bowls a day
Tokusen toroniku ramen - one of their specialty ramens
Service was really good with their staff attentive and knowledgeable about the food in their menu. The ambiance was also very good. Most of all, the ramen we had were great and so it was not surprising that they had a lot of diners. We definitely would like to eat here again or perhaps at another branch somewhere.


Thursday, May 26, 2016

Go-en Ramen, Maginhawa Street

We had wanted to try out this ramen restaurant we spotted along Maginhawa Street at UP Village. Go-en Ramen seemed to us like a 'hole-in-a-wall' type of restaurant as its frontage indicated limited space and it was in a section of Maginhawa where you couldn't easily get a parking slot along the street. One time we had our chance as we decided to have an early lunch and got to park near Go-en Ramen.

The ground floor was full of customers when we entered and we were led to the 2nd floor, which was actually more like a mezzanine.
The area was bright with the natural light from the windows. The staff had to turn on the air-conditioning as it was hot upstairs. Apparently, we were the first to go up that day.
The menu is quite limited with few food choices. We did go there for the ramen so we made sure to order their specialty.
We noticed a lot of posters on the walls. I won't be describing each of them as they sort of speak for themselves.
Posters on the wall near the staircase.
Shoyu ramen for me.
 Kogashi ramen for my buddy
A view of the ground floor as we descended
Traditional Japanese toys on display and for sale at the restaurant
Here's what I thought was a nice photo of the ground floor dining area.
We thought their ramen was okay. It's not as spectacular or as authentic as the more pricey ramen restaurants that have sprouted around Metro Manila so don't have high expectations. It's more like a student-on-a-budget type of ramen house. I guess the place is good for a quick meal or perhaps a short tambay but its not a place you would probably be a regular at. Perhaps they can improve on their menu and add a few more items there?


Monday, November 9, 2015

Gyoza and Ramen House, Malingap, UP Village

There's a new Japanese themed restaurant that we found along Malingap Street in UP Village. We accidentally discovered the simply named "Gyoza and Ramen House" while checking out another Japanese restaurant near it. The latter we saw but had no parking available so we decided to move on. Just before we maneuvered to turn back near Kalayaan Avenue, one of my companions saw what looked like a new establishment. In fact, we had to ask if they were already open as the sign still said 'closed' and we saw that they opened at 12:00 noon. Fortunately, the staff allowed us in and we did not regret trying out this restaurant.

The restaurant's interiors
We like the way they used old Japanese newspapers as wallpapers
Chicken teriyaki
Their original gyoza (fried dumplings) are good
Chicken karaage (fried breaded chicken)
Yasai itame (stir fried vegetables)
Restaurant front along Malingap Street and near the corner with Kalayaan Avenue

Gyoza and Ramen House restaurant is open for lunch between 12:00 - 3:00 PM and dinner from 5:00 - 10:00 PM. It is definitely a welcome addition to the Japanese themed restaurants in the UP Village area and we will definitely be back to satisfy the next time we have cravings for Japanese food.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ippudo, SM Megamall

We were finally able to eat at Ippudo at SM Megamall. Every time we passed by the restaurant, it was full and there was a line outside. And so we decided to go there for an early lunch before our movie date. That turned out to be a good decision as we easily got a table and got to enjoy good ramen. A bonus were our orders of gyoza and karaage (essentially fried chicken), which we thought were also really good.

Shiromaru special
Shiromaru chashu
Karaage - their version of this 'fried chicken' is my current favorite among those I have tasted among the current crop of Japanese restaurants
Gyoza - the Clairvoyant said she preferred Ippudo's gyoza than that of another Japanese restaurant at Megamall specializing in gyoza
We thoroughly enjoyed our lunch at Ippudo. We will definitely be back for future meals. The prices are just about within the range of its contemporaries. Of course, it is a bit expensive than your usual meals at the Teriyaki Boys and Tokyo Tokyos but the food (i.e., ramen, gyoza and karaage) are two thumbs up on our list of the same we've eaten at other Japanese themed restaurants here.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Ramen Nagi at UP Town Center

It had been some time since our last lunch at the UP Town Center so we decided to have lunch there and check out the newly opened restaurants and shops at the main building. We ended up eating at Ramen Nagi, which obviously specializes in ramen. It is one of many that opened with the surging popularity of Japanese food and especially ramen among Filipinos.

Their menu was quite simple showing the four main dishes (ramen, of course) that they offer to customers. You can actually come up with different combinations or variants of ramen based on these four and by adding extra toppings.
The interior of the restaurant include this description of different ramen variants.
Condiments on each table included pepper and sesame seeds (goma).

Interior of the restaurant at UP Town Center
I ordered their Original King (Butao) ramen.
The broth was not overpowering and the noodles were cooked just right and not soggy.
Their chicken karaage had the most authentic taste among the karaage we had previously tried in other restaurants.
Ramen Nagi has a policy stating you cannot take out or take home your food or leftovers. For some reason, their staff kept reminding us and others of the policy. This is probably because of some trade secrets that are keys to the good taste of their ramen. And they do have good ramen at this restaurant that's worth coming back to whenever we crave for good ramen. With the wet season coming up (if its not yet here), I'm sure that Ramen Nagi will be attracting a lot of customers who will be enjoying hot ramen on rainy days.