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Sunday, January 13, 2013

"I like for you to be still"

I have never enjoyed poetry probably because most of the poetry I have been exposed to were required reading in school. It didn't help that such poetry were also subject to analysis that seemed unusual to me given that like art, perhaps poetry can be interpreted differently by various people, and only the poet himself or herself would probably know the meaning of his/her creation. It was the Clairvoyant who first shared with me her love for poetry by posting one by Pablo Neruda while we were corresponding long distance. I was finishing my doctoral dissertation in Yokohama while she was preparing to take the bar examinations in Manila. This share piqued my curiosity (in part because I was also intrigued by the one who sent it) and I quickly did some research on Neruda and his works. It wasn't really by accident that I re-discovered poetry but it was a re-discovery that also helped me explore literature again. I owe the Clairvoyant for this and the poetry we continue to share today. Following is a reading I found over YouTube of the poem the Clairvoyant shared back in 1999, Pablo Neruda's "I like for you to be still":


 Happy 40th to my Clairvoyant partner!