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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mama's garden

I was featuring my mother's garden but have not shown it in perspective. Following is a photo of the 'larger' part of her humble garden, which basically goes around my parents' home. You can see the orchids here that are the main attractions. Most of the plants are relatively low maintenance and our kasambahay Ate Ellen helps her care for the plants. As the wet season has arrived, they won't really have to water the plants that much.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Orchids at Mama's Garden

I had written about my mother's fondness for plants, especially orchids. I recall that she was so delighted by the waling-waling I had brought from Davao from my first trip there. It took some time before that orchid flowered and when it did, it was so impressive. Unfortunately and mysteriously, the orchid died after flowering. Mama and Tatay believed that the waling-waling was indeed for Davao only. That was over 15 years ago and perhaps I need to go back and get some samples of the orchid again to prove that it will grow here. Anyhow, following are two falenopsis orchids currently in full bloom at my mother's garden in Cainta.

These falenopsis orchids are the latest in her collection
It seemed a coincidence that the orchids we gave her a few years ago are currently in full bloom

She also has dendrobiums and vandas but these have no flowers now. I noticed this afternoon though that one dendrobium just started to grow the stem from which flowers will come out of. Mama no longer uses fertilizers to induce the orchids and just let them be. I will take some more photos next time I visit my parents' home.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Falenopsis Orchids for Mama

Last Sunday was Mothers' Day and as we were hosting lunch at our home, we decided to get something for our mothers and my sister whom we were expecting at noon. One of the first things that came to my mind was orchids. My mother has a nice garden where she has a lot of flowering plants. Among these were those that Tatay, my siblings and I had given her in the past that she nurtured and succeeded in propagating. My mother-in-law also has a garden in their home and there are many nice plants there under her care including fruit bearing ones.

Orchids I got from one of the shops at the Quezon Memorial Circle
Two things that go well together it seems are flowers and art. Here are two of the orchids and some of the paintings at our living room.
Here's another photo with the remaining orchid together with one of our favorite paintings.
My mother chose the lighter pink orchids while my mother-in-law chose the white with the pink interior. My sister opted not to get hers as she said it was going to be difficult for her to care for the orchids. I was going to give it to my mother but Tatay said we could keep it and then we could give it to Mama for her to nurture them until they flower again.