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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Rainy days are here again

It's been raining everyday for about two weeks now. The past few days were really bad with heavy rains, torrential at some times, everywhere. The downpours have caused floods in many places and while flash floods along major roads have usually caused traffic congestion, the floods in large areas especially residential lands are the most undesirable kind. Obviously, the continuous rains made it cooler (masarap matulog) but that comfort can only be enjoyed if you have a roof on top of you and if the water isn't rising from under you.

This is what very low to zero visibility looks like. Heavy rains over the mountains of Antipolo obscuring homes from view.
Driving under very low visibility conditions is quite dangerous. Roads are slippery or flooded. Mountain roads can be foggy. And
I still take a look at the Marikina River's water level everytime I pass the bridge along Marcos Highway. I have learned to correlate what I observed with my experiences of floods in Cainta and Antipolo, and this is from almost 3 decades that I am writing about. And so I can tell whether it is already flooded in areas I am familiar with and how deep they are relative to each place.

This is the first wet season that we don't have to worry about our old home since we sold that house last summer. Based on the rains the last few days and especially from yesterday to today I'm quite sure the streets in the previous subdivision we resided in are flooded. I just hope the floods won't enter homes. Of course, we disclosed to potential buyers including the eventual one that extreme rains can lead to flooding there and we told them about the Ondoy experience as well as the "Habagat" one in 2012. Last year was a good year as they only experienced floods on the streets. We hope it will be the same this year and perhaps there will be improvements in the future.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Have a safe night...

I was planning to post something on the National Art Gallery of the National Museum of the Philippines tonight. Unfortunately, I was unable to sort through so many photos I took of works by Juan Luna, Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo, Jose Rizal, Fernando Amorsolo, Vicente Manansala, Guillermo Tolentino, and other prominent national artists. I will do my sorting in the next few days but hopefully in a more relaxed state. I say relaxed because it has been raining hard in Metro Manila the past 2 days and the weather bureau has just issued a "red" warning indicating heavy rains in the next few hours and the possibility of severe flooding in low-lying areas.

We have taken precautions for the eventuality of a flood but are hopeful it won't be of the scale of last year's Habagat (monsoon) or, huwag naman sana, 2009's Ondoy. I am sure that a lot of people won't be able to get a good sleep tonight and vigilance is really key if we are to reduce the impacts of such rains (i.e., floods and the damage to lives and properties they cause). Already, there are many reports of flooding all around Metro Manila and this because of inclement weather due to the monsoon being intensified by a tropical depression near Taiwan, north of the Philippines.

We can only pray that things will go well and that the rains will pause.  Given the uncertainties associated with weather systems, let's just hope that the weather will improve tomorrow and we can finally breathe a sigh of relief soon.

Have a safe night to all!