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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Curiosities at a tollway stop - Part 2: old globes on bookends

The impending decision on the Philippines' rights to territories in the West Philippine Sea against China's claims based on their nine dash line invention brings to mind our interest (or fascination) with old maps. I bought a pair of bookends that immediately caught my attention at the antique shop at a tollway stop that I featured in a recent post. The following photos show these bookends each with a globe of what appears as old renderings of the world.

A pair of bookends I found at an antique store at a stop along NLEX
The items are in very good condition though they do look old. I like the details including the compass around each globe.
A closer look at the globes (they are identical) reveal Asia and where the Philippine Islands should be situated. Interestingly, China is marked as Tartaria on the globe, a clear reference to the Tartars and where dominion was according to whoever made the map.