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Monday, November 19, 2018

Torimomo Japanese Restaurant, Feliz Mall

We were supposed to have lunch at another restaurant last Saturday but then ended up in another. The plan was to have a nice meal at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants that now has a branch nearer our place. It helped that we were coming from a picnic at the UP Diliman campus so it was along the way back. As we made our way to the restaurant, we chanced upon another that looked to be newly opened or having a soft opening. We liked what we saw in the menu one of their staff were showing passers-by so we decided to have our lunch there. Our daughter loves salmon sashimi so seeing that in the menu made our decision easier. :)

The interiors were definitely colorful and I like the paper lamps that advertised a Japanese brand beer
It was a soft opening so many of the staff were on on-the-job training (OJT) mode
Match It! promo for drinks, rice, miso shiru, and desserts
I took this photo of the wall as it reminded me of typical walls in Japanese restaurants that featured major items on the menu. Of course, it is not so obvious if you can't read it. :)
The salmon (shake) sashimi was good.
We ordered a sampling of their barbecues including bacon-wrapped enoki and asparagus, beef cubes and chicken. We highly recommend the bacon-wrapped enoki and asparagus!
Their version of chahan tasted good. My only suggestion is for the rice to be more sticky. You can't really get a good handle with the chopsticks.
I didn't expect much as they weren't a ramen restaurant but their version of the tonkotsu ramen was definitely a pleasant surprise. My only "complaint" is the serving size - bitin!
Torimomo is a good restaurant that I would highly recommend especially for those who like Japanese-style barbecue. They also have a lot of items in their menu so there's something for anyone who likes other Japanese food - cooked or uncooked. I think the prices are reasonable, too, for the quality and serving sizes. The staff are still under training but this should improve very soon and the managers look to be on top of things based on observation. We're looking forward to the next meals there.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Firehouse grill, Bonifacio High Street

We were looking for a restaurant to eat lunch at after our daughter's class at BGC. While we have our usual places to eat, we once in a while opt to explore the nearby High Street to check out restaurants we have heard about or where the Clairvoyant has had lunch before (her office is near High Street). We also wanted to try out restaurants to see what food or dishes our daughter would like. That way, we are able to expand her tastes as well as our choices for lunches or dinners.

Truffle fries
Firehouse burger
Grilled halibut - this is serve over a bed of polenta and veggies
I discovered based on our receipt that Firehouse Grill is from the Meat Plus group that has restaurants in Subic and Clark. The branch at Bonifacio High Street appears to be on the more classy/snotty side but is actually quite homey and its no surprise a lot of people, including foreigners, go there to eat. The service is good and the price is just right for a nice meal that's very satisfying in terms of both quality and quantity.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sarsa, UP Town Center

There is an Ilonggo restaurant at the UP Town Center. We sort of discovered if the one time we were there last December. We have not had Ilonggo food in a while and kind of missed eating chicken inasal and molo so we decided to try Sarsa. The Clairvoyant had heard about this restaurant by a chef who we sometimes chance upon on TV and was recommended by those who already ate here. For me, Ilonggo food was comfort food and I didn't mind eating this on a more regular basis.

The menu and their specialties are on the board
Inasal lumpia?
Pancit molo just the way we like it
Inasal na pecho (chicken breast)
I forget what this was but I seem to recall it was a special for the day (or week?) so we tried it.
Sarsa was, as expected, comfort food and it is most welcome among the restaurants at the UP Town Center. The inasal was just right and the so was their inasal lumpia. The pancit molo was also good and refreshing; perhaps perfect for rainy days. The prices are also just right for a non-fast food restaurant. It's no wonder a lot of people especially families and other big groups eat there. 

While I look forward to eating there again soon, I am not so sure about going to UP Town Center as frequently as we do to UP Village and our suki restaurants there. The traffic is pretty bad going there especially during lunch period although the parking situation's better and one does have the option to avail of valet services.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Gelatissimo ice cream

I thought I had already posted about our indulgence one time after a hearty lunch of Japanese food. We passed by Gelatissimo ice cream on our way to our parking space and decided we had time for dessert. Gelatissimo has a wide variety of flavors to choose from and so far I had never been disappointed with my selections. While other customers were in ice cream tasting mode (i.e., tasting different flavors before choosing one or two to purchase), we quickly made our choices.

Macadamia and coffee ice cream for me, and hazelnut and pistachio for the wife.

Two scoops of really good ice cream took us some time to finish. It seemed a travesty to eat the ice cream quickly when we were not in a hurry and enjoyed our dessert over conversation. I was like we were out on a date before we got married!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Maisen, Greenbelt 5

The wife and I had a meeting in Makati last April and couldn't find space in the parking buildings along Dela Rosa. We ended up parking at Greenbelt and then walking to the building where we had our meeting. It turned out not to be a long walk and it helped that there were good pedestrian sidewalks between Greenbelt and our meeting venue. After our meeting, we decided to have an early lunch at Greenbelt. 

The easy choice was a Japanese restaurant at Greenbelt 5. The display in front of the restaurant was enough for me to get attracted and I was amused to see they had takeout. Bento or lunchboxes are popular in Japan and especially among those on the go or too busy to go out for lunch. Workers usually had just enough time to leave the workplace to buy bento. And then there are those who get bento from a vendor coming or delivering to the offices.

The restaurant offers lunch boxes (bento) for those in a hurry
Items on the menu are on display, Japanese style, in front of the restaurant.
We went for their katsu set and had a hearty lunch. Their katsu was good and they even served mugi cha, which was a popular and refreshing drink during summers in Japan.
Maisen is a good place to have a good meal at whether its for lunch or dinner. The service was good and the quality (i.e., taste) of the food, which is what counts, was also high. Thumbs up to this Japanese restaurant at Greenbelt.


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Romeo's Spice and Steak, Robinsons Place Antipolo

Our "neighborhood" mall is slowly but surely adding restaurants and cafes for its customers' dining pleasure. Among the recent additions are S&R New York Style Pizza and Costa coffee. But I am not going to talk about these yet. Instead, I am featuring what I will refer to as a family restaurant, a term that I encountered in Japan to refer to full service restaurants that cater to families or groups of diners. We thought at first that Romeo's was going to be an Italian-themed restaurant but I already recalled seeing the name of the restaurant somewhere. That turned out to be their branch along Sumulong Highway near Padi's Point and Cloud Nine.

Romeo's version of chicken inasal - tasted good but we thought it was closer to the typical chicken barbecue than the Visayan (or Bacolod-style) inasal or inato.
Chop suey - it was average at best but our daughter loves veggies so it didn't matter to her as long as she had her sweet peas and carrots.
Ribs - obviously we already had more than some of it by the time I decided to take a photo
Leche flan for dessert
We were not disappointed for the food that we ordered. All were cooked well and we felt these were presented nicely, too. The servings were basically to share between two people so you can order maybe two to three dishes plus rice in order to have a full tummy. Their ribs is good and I guess this is along the line of their specialty - steaks. The inasal was also okay though not as good as the ones served at inasal restaurants. The chop suey was average so they probably need some help there to make it more appealing as well as tasty. But for dessert, one must definitely go for their leche flan, which we thought was just the right texture and sweetness. Cost-wise, Romeo's items are reasonably priced and friendly to the budget. That's another side of being family-friendly and definitely a come-on to many people.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Wee Nam Kee, Fairview Terraces

We were 'researching' for places to eat at Fairview Terraces and I mentioned to the wife that I saw this Singaporean-themed restaurant in that mall. So we searched for the restaurant online to see its menu. The mention of cereal prawns got us interested and, having been residents of Singapore for 1.5 years, we also missed the food we ate there whenever we ate out.

Wee Nam Kee is located at the ground level (that's the garden level) of Fairview Terraces. We regularly passed on the restaurant as we dined at other restaurants in the area. That turned out to be somewhat a bad idea as Wee Nam Kee served good food and is family friendly. Following are photos I took of the food we ate a couple of Sundays ago.

Wee Nam Kee fried rice
Salted egg Chinese style fried chicken
Sauteed beef with broccoli and mushrooms
A cool glass of barley juice
Cereal prawns
Salt and pepper squid

The service was good as the staff were attentive. The food was good and we thought it reminded us of the good times we had in Singapore. We will definitely be back at this restaurant and perhaps try out their other branches if we come upon them elsewhere.


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Chili's Fairview Terraces

We had our regular lunch out after church at the Fairview Terraces mall. We have been going to this mall instead of SM Fairview for quite some time now as they offer different restaurants from the usual at SM. Also, the parking is covered so we could come back to our vehicle in any weather and don't end up in a literally hot car. That Sunday in July though was my father-in-law's birthday and we decided to go to a restaurant he'd surely enjoy (he had not tried it yet). Chili's is a good place to go for light to heavy meals. We have gone to some of their branches in the past but it had been a while since we had a meal there. Here are a few photos of what we had for lunch as we celebrated my father-in-law's birthday.

Boneless buffalo chicken salad
Large serving of steak
Grilled salmon with vegetables
Grilled pork chops with a generous serving of vegetables on the side
Molten chocolate cake
We had a great meal at Chili's and would certainly be back again. The service at their branch at Fairview Terraces was really good with the staff were attentive. This was considering that there were many others celebrating their birthdays at the restaurant that lunchtime we were there. Kudos to the staff for the good food and service!


Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Domino's Pizza

We were not decided on what to have for lunch one lazy Saturday after watching a movie. We were walking around the mall near our home when we spotted what we thought was a newly opened branch of Domino's Pizza. I say so because it turned out that the branch opened a few months ago and it seemed to us that we had not gone around the mall for some time now, going there only for our groceries or a quick stop at the Handyman store. The decision for lunch became much easier as we reminisced the pizzas we ordered from Domino's during our college days. The Clairvoyant in particular had fond memories of ordering pizza during her bar review days.

Choco lava cake

We also got our Domino's card so we could have some credits and freebies whenever we ordered. This could be handy should we have some guests over at home and there is a clamor for pizza. We also got the direct line to the branch near our home so we could bypass their call center and more quickly get our pizza delivered.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Kampai Sushi Bar in Antipolo

Kampai or kanpai loosely means "cheers" or a toast in Japanese. After watching a movie one evening at the theater at newly opened mall near our home, we decided to take a look at the restaurants there. We decided to try out a sushi bar that seemed to have a lot of customers (so it must be good?). There was even a party at its second level so it was quite noisy inside due to the music and the partying people. We just had some drinks to go with our sashimi and maki.

Kampai Sushi Bar opened a few weeks ago at the new Robinsons Place in Antipolo. It's the first Japanese themed restaurant, cafe or bar at Robinsons.
The salmon sashimi was okay but they used local variety of salmon or what appears to be the not so desirable part for sashimi. This looked like it was more suitable for sushi instead. Pwede na but Japanese food-lovers will surely be disappointed if they don't improve the sashimi
They call it "Antipolo Maki." It's obviously derived from "California Maki" and tasted okay. However, we were disappointed it only had cashew nuts and no mango in it. Antipolo is famous for suman, mangga and kasuy (rice pudding, mangoes and cashew nuts). The sticky rice (subbed by Japanese rice) was there as well as the cashew, but the mango wasn't.
The jury is still out there on Kampai Sushi Bar. We'll probably eat there again to check out the other items on their menu. We were there just for a quick, light meal and we weren't expecting much. But then we'd also like to have a good Japanese restaurant near our place where we can go to if we have cravings for Japanese food.


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday lunch at Fairview Terraces

We usually spend Sundays going to the homes of my in-laws and parents in Novaliches and Cainta, respectively. We would at least go there every other Sunday unless we are traveling abroad or have other more urgent matters on a Sunday (and usually there is none except perhaps rest). Our favorite place for lunches after hearing Mass these past Sundays is Ayala's Fairview Terraces mall. It is a welcome change from the usual lunches we have had at SM City Fairview. There are different restaurants at the Terraces and it is good to try out other restaurants from the usual ones we go to at SM. The covered parking also means we don't have to walk in the open on hot or rainy days. That is always a consideration when we are with senior citizens and our kid.

Kanzhu's special noodles is perfect for lunch starters.
A serving includes vegetables and very tender and flavorful beef.
We like their version of crispy lemon chicken.

It seems that the mall is built around this gigantic mango tree. While its survival and the landscape is appreciated, I would think that many other trees including ones like this did not survive the mall development.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Singapore Redux: The Shoppes at MBS

The Marina Bay Sands is among the most popular places to visit in Singapore. It is usually associated with the surfboard-topped building that houses a 5-star hotel and luxurious restaurants featuring celebrity chefs like Wolfgang Puck. People are probably familiar with photos of the infinity pool at the top of the building that has a breathtaking view of the city state. In the area is also the Art Science Museum that I featured in previous post but which I hope to write about again. Of course, there is also the casino for those wanting to try their lucks.

The following photos are of the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. The Clairvoyant helped in filling in the words for the captions of the photos.

(Window) Shopping mecca
Extremely popular Gong Cha milk tea. The Clairvoyant swears by their iced coffee with jelly.
MBS, an architectural showcase
Some gates feature luxury shops where people take souvenir photos of their visit the MBS
MBS is an example of building in a grand manner
A view of a newer cluster of buildings in the financial district across the bay from MBS
Shops galore at the MBS - includes high-end shops and boutiques mixed with the typical brands shops you'll find in most malls like Adidas, Nike, Top Shop, Nine West, etc.
The very spacious building can get crowded but not as much as the other malls in Singapore so its good for people who just want to walk around.
Elevators and escalators allow for senior citizens and those with disabilities to move about
An endless stream of dimsum-starved customers at Din Tai Fung - many are probably tourists who haven't really gone around the city state. Din Tai Fung has many other branches that are less crowded than this one though it's strongly suggested to have early meals prior to the typical lunch and dinner hours.
Another shot of the impressive roof structure of The Shoppes at MBS
Catch Broadway shows and other productions...
...but dinner at Mozza before the show is a must!
There's also an ice skating rink at the ground floor with more restaurants, a food court and smaller shops (mostly food) around the rink area.
A view along the man-made canal leading to the SMRT Circle Line Station
Sampans ply the indoor "canal" - novelty for the mall weary