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Sunday, July 15, 2018

In room dining at Shang Bangkok

I got quite tired after walking between the hotel and Asiatique. And so I decided to reward myself for taking more than 10,000 steps with one of our ideas for a comfort meal. I ordered some Indian food for in-room dining. Shangri-La makes a good chicken tikka and this came with basmati rice and roti. The servings were quite generous so I ended up working while eating just so I can also sustain my writing.

In-room dining for the night
The Shang's kitchens are quite consistent with this item on their menus as we've enjoyed this in several of the Shangri-la's we've stayed at so far. We'll probably order this again the next time the occasion calls for in-room dining.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Breakfasts at Enschede

The Intercity Hotel where I stayed at in Enschede last March served a really good buffet breakfast. The selection was good considering it was a business hotel and one could have a complete meal to start the day. I always like to have cereal and particularly love to have muesli in the mornings. They had that and fresh milk likely from the farms around Twente or perhaps from across the nearby border with Germany.

My first breakfast in Enschede consisted of muesli, bread, sausages, bacon, cold cuts and cheese. I had some tea and orange juice on the side. Not shown are the fruits I had after my hearty meal.
I adhere to the saying that one has to start the day with a good meal. It sets the tone for your energy levels during the day. And for me while I'm traveling, I like to do a lot of walking and commuting via public transport so I need the nourishment for me to keep moving without getting hungry immediately.

Friday, January 26, 2018

On hotel breakfasts again

Traveling to Tacloban again last week, we were fortunate to be able to stay at a decent hotel that served breakfast buffets. I took a photo of the relatively good variety of viands we had for breakfasts so you can have a good one before going out to work. In our case, work required a lot of walking and traveling so a good meal was important for us.

Bacon, beef tapa, hotdog, danggit, eggs and rice - the breakfast of champions!

They also had cereals, bread and fruits but these were the usual cornflakes and cocoa puffs as well as the watermelon or bananas. Nothing as fancy or plentiful as those offered in big hotels but the food was good and sustaining. Of course, I would have preferred to have some bircher muesli but this is much better than what other hotels offer for the same price range we got for our stay.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Chocolate review: Complementary chocolate at the hotel

It's nice to start the year with some chocolates. We did enjoy a new one on New Year's Eve that I will write about soon. Meanwhile, here is a quick one on some complementary chocolates from a recent trip. My wife traveled to London recently via Singapore and on her way back, she stayed overnight in the city state in order to catch up with friends there. We had lived for almost 2 years in Singapore and love to come back once in a while to visit friends and go around our favorite haunts including its national museum. She decided to try out the new Sofitel there as it was also strategically located and allowed her easy transport as she met up with old friends. The hotel had some complementary chocolates at her room when she came back from her meetings.

Sofitel left the chocolate in this simple but elegant-looking box
I took the white chocolate while the wife had the dark
The chocolates were exquisite and if she had tasted it earlier could have been tempted to purchase a box at the lobby shop. There will be a next time so I look forward to that with me, hopefully, also getting to go to Singapore again.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Excellent in-room dining at Shangri-la Mactan

Whenever we stay at hotels with our daughter these days, we try to simplify our choices for where to eat our meals. Often, we just opt to order room service considering the servings are often generous enough for the three of us. It helped that we also usually had some food leftover from a previous meal or that we bought something heavy enough as a meal or supplement.

Recently, we had a vacation in Cebu and stayed at the Shangrila Mactan. We again ended up ordering via room service and consulted the menu for what our daughter would likely enjoy eating. We also chose some items we thought were okay based on the marks indicating they were specialties of the chef. We were not disappointed with what arrived at our room and had really good meals in the comfort of our room. That way, we could also recover after a entire day's activities; mostly at the beach and the pools, which our daughter enjoyed thoroughly. Here are some photos of the food we ordered, which we took for posterity (read: so we know what to order next time).

Ham and cheese panini
Spaghetti bolognese
Pancit canton
Salt and pepper squid - the menu indicates it as a specialty of the chef
Their bolognese is the best if not one of the best we've tasted and the salt and pepper squid on top of salad of greens was definitely special. We definitely recommend them should one decide to go for room service.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sunrise in Mactan, Cebu

I have posted a lot of photos of sunrises and sunsets in this blog and on social media. Among my favorites are the sunsets in Panglao, Bohol and Puerto Princesa, Palawan and the sunrises in Tagaytay, Cavite. Of course there are the sunsets over Metro Manila that we have had the chance to take photos of on many occasions from on top of the highest point in our village.

On a very recent trip to Cebu where went on vacation, I noticed for a couple of mornings that the sun rose early and the hues from our room indicated how beautiful they were. Unfortunately, I was still sleepy or too lazy to get up and capture the scenes. On our last morning in Mactan, Cebu, I made sure I would be up early to see the magnificent sunrise from our hotel room. We didn't have professional cameras but our smart phones did a great job capturing the following images. These have not been filtered or altered or enhanced in any way. I guess with such beauty you can't really go wrong with any camera? 

Here are three photos of the sunrise from Mactan, Cebu taken before 6:00 AM and only minutes apart:


Friday, July 15, 2016

Room service dinner at The Manor

Flashback to last month... On our last night at our hotel, The Manor, the Clairvoyant and I decided to just order in so we can also try room service food at the hotel. We already knew that their food was good from first hand experience as well as from our friends who have stayed and dined there. We were not disappointed with what we had for dinner.

Bolognese on angel hair pasta - this was a bit different from the other Bolognese we've tasted. The meat seems to have been grounded well so it integrated well with the sauce. This was flavorful and the serving was generous enough to share between two people.
Warm breads to go with the pasta - it is always a treat to have freshly baked bread for a meal.
Their version of beef salpicao was on the spicy side. It was a good thing we ordered rice to go with this dish.
Their Belgian chocolate cake - was sinful indeed and was a perfect ending to our in-room dinner.


Thursday, December 31, 2015

In-room dining and year-end greetings

We don't usually order in-room meals as we prefer to go out and eat out or at least at a hotel's restaurant. Of course, the better hotels would have really good and even excellent food. Fortunately for us, two of our favorite hotels in Metro Manila where we usually stay at for those short 'staycations' or overnights have great meals to offer for in-room dining. I forgot where I saved the photos from Marriott but following are some photos of our dinner care of room service at the Sofitel.

Bento box with sukiyaki and tempura for the Clairvoyant
Sauces and spices for the bento box
Teriyaki meatballs for our little one
Indian food for me
Fruits for dessert

The food we ordered for in-room dining at Sofitel was good but I thought the food we ordered at Marriott was better and in more generous servings. One order at Sofitel was definitely good for one person but an order at Marriott was good for two (even if you were really hungry and could eat more that the usual single person servings). The Clairvoyant was saying that this compares with the amount of food we ordered for breakfast at our hotel in San Diego, CA last May. The photo below shows a single order of breakfast consisting of bread, cold cuts, fruits, juice and coffee.

We decided to order in as our daughter was a consideration. She can stay put for a while during her meals but eventually wants to get off her seat and wander off. Our experience during breakfast at Marriott led us to decide against eating at the Veranda or at Spiral at Sofitel. Of course, there will be a next time and I'm sure our daughter will get to enjoy the buffet breakfast at Spiral.

I wanted to end the year writing about food. I think food is associated with a lot of good memories especially among loved ones. We always share the food that we have whether its for a feast or a simple meal. Our expressions say a lot about how food is integral to our ways. "Kain tayo!" and "Hapit anay!" are common to me and in whatever language the offer to share food and drink is an expression of peace and of good will. The ways our mothers cooked the food we ate at our tables are expressions of love. And so I end the year greeting everyone with a happy meal and wishing everyone more happy and loving meals to share in the coming 2016!