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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Prawn House, Centrio, Cagayan De Oro

After a meeting near the downtown of Cagayan De Oro that finished early evening, my colleagues and I decided to go to Ayala's Centrio mall to have dinner there. After figuring out what we jokingly referred to as a maze inside the mall, we suddenly had a sort of difficult choice to make when we saw the selection of restaurants at the atrium area. These included branches of local restaurants we had tried before and the tried and tested ones we have in Manila.

We ended up at Prawn House, which is at the top floor and near the central stairs. One of us remembered seeing branches of the restaurant in Opol and near SM Uptown. Here are some photos from our dinner there.

Info on prawns printed on their placemats
Halaan soup has become somewhat a comfort food for us during trips like this.
Kilaw na tuna with seaweed
Grilled tuna belly
Baked scallops
Grilled cuttlefish (though restaurants generally refer to this as squid)
The food was good and the service, too. Prices are also very reasonable. In fact, we saw many families and not just groups from offices having their dinner there. Many seem to be regulars by the way they are greeted by the staff. Here's another restaurant that goes into our list of recommendations for when eating out in Cagayan De Oro. Of course, one must also try eating at their seaside branch in the next town of Opol.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Boy Zugba, SM City Cagayan De Oro (Uptown)

There is a nice restaurant we discovered on a recent trip to Cagayan De Oro. Boy Zugba offers what we usually like to eat on trips like this - grilled food. Here are some photos I took earlier this month.

Menu showing grilled items (sinugba)
The menu includes comic commentary on how to enjoy the dining experience at the restaurant
Message wall for customers/diners - I think this is one of those ideas that are supposed to be for instagram?
The interiors are very colorful and kind of cartoonish in a good way.
They also have an interesting take on the lighting, which reminded me of a designer specializing in such industrial designs.
Kinilaw or ceviche - raw fish marinated in vinegar and mixed with tomatoes and onions, with pipino and seaweed on the side
Grilled cuttlefish (although its listed as squid)
Barbecue shrimps
Grilled scallops
A pleasant surprise is the performance of the staff. It reminded us of the performances of the staff in another restaurant before with their "singing cooks and waiters".
Their very interesting take on leche flan - this one's a must dessert as they did very well with the texture and taste of this "classic"
The restaurant front includes a large print of the menu.
The food is of very good quality and quantity. The staff are attentive and kind. One definitely comes back to this restaurant for future meals or, in our case, when we are in this area of Cagayan De Oro again.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Pasqualino's Ristorante Italiano

A highlight of my recent travel to Tacloban is going to this Italian restaurant located on top of a hill not in Tacloban but in the town of Sta. Rita in the nearby island of Samar. It wasn't difficult to go there as Samar and Leyte are connected by the San Juanico Bridge, and it was just minutes away from where we were already doing fieldwork so we "didn't mind" going out of the way to have a good meal.

Tables are set around the pool and there's a more private area that should be good for meetings or dates.
Restaurant lobby or foyer - this was probably what used to be the receiving or living area for the house. The decor reminds us of the Christmas season that ended last Sunday with the Feast of the Epiphany that is more popularly known as "Three Kings".
An infinity pool and breathtaking views of the San Juanico Strait
Bar and kitchen with the Christmas Tree and reindeer

Entrance to the restaurant - guests may wait here or maybe take some photos of the splendid views including those with the San Juanico Bridge.
Coconut water from the shell
Their version of one of my favorite pastas - prosciutto and porcini mushrooms
Their best-selling pizza is "Everything and Prosciutto" and I must say that it is a "must try"
Fresh salad
Meat platter

Pasqualino's is owned by the same family behind Giuseppe's at the corner of Del Pilar and Veteranos in the Tacloban downtown. The food is great and the prices won't punch a hole in your wallet or pocket. Servings are generous and the service is also good. You just can't go here quite frequently though so perhaps Giuseppe's is the place for you if you're in downtown Tacloban.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Sigs Smokehouse, Maginhawa Street

The first time I heard about Sigs Smokehouse was from the wife. She had learned about it from a friend whose son owned the place. I had told her about another restaurant that offered as its most popular item smoked ribs and she countered that there was this other restaurant along Maginhawa Street that specialized in smoked meat. I saw some ads about this popping up on my Facebook feed so it was nice to finally try it out. My colleagues and I actually wanted to try it out for lunch but it was closed on Mondays and we had to come back a second time to finally eat there.

Sigs has a nice selection of beers and other drinks
The sides reminded us of Kenny Rogers'
Simple interior and furnitures
They have a mezzanine, taking advantage of the high ceiling to have more space for customers
Smoked Wagyu
Pork ribs
Smoked chicken
Pulled pork
"Dirty" rice
Sigs Smokehouse offers a good selection of smoked meats and we thought it was really good. The servings are on the generous side and so I recommend coming as a group so everyone can order one item and everyone can share. We loved their specialty "dirty" rice, which was actually rice infused with select herbs and spices. I forget exactly which ones but it was fragrant and matched perfectly with the smoked meats. For first timers, go for the wagyu and/or the pulled pork. Corn also works very well with the smoked meats. Price-wise, I thought it was just right given the quality and quantity of the servings. I saw that they offered discounts to some UP Engineering organizations so perhaps the owner or one of the owners is from the UP College of Engineering (an alumnus perhaps?). Sigs Smokehouse is located at a building along Maginhawa St. at the left just after the intersection with Malingap St. if you are coming from UP.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Barbecue Singaporean-style

When we met up with friends at Lau Pa Sat, we ordered barbecue from one of the hawkers so we could have some 'fuel' for the catching up and exchange of stories that night. There seemed to be a lot of choices based on the menu provided to us but when you scan the pages, you realise its basically chicken, beef, pork and an assortment of seafoods. They just appear to have many items because of the combinations (sets) that also mentioned the volume of food you get. We went for the chicken satay, pork barbecue and grilled prawns set to go with our individual purchases from the other food stalls at Lau Pa Sat.

Assortment of grilled food
There are many hawkers of grilled food that night and it appears that they are usually there only during the late afternoon to night time when there are a lot of people eating at Lau Pa Sat. It's easy to make an order as there are many hawkers going around with menus on hand. Cost-wise, there are many sets to select from and prices are very reasonable and won't hurt your pocket. Of course, it is better if you were a group so you can enjoy ordering and sharing more food. Chances are, if you are by yourself or a couple, you might best just get food from one of the many stalls at Lau Pa Sat. Of course, if you want to enjoy barbecue, you can probably opt for the smaller sets.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Romeo's Spice and Steak, Robinsons Place Antipolo

Our "neighborhood" mall is slowly but surely adding restaurants and cafes for its customers' dining pleasure. Among the recent additions are S&R New York Style Pizza and Costa coffee. But I am not going to talk about these yet. Instead, I am featuring what I will refer to as a family restaurant, a term that I encountered in Japan to refer to full service restaurants that cater to families or groups of diners. We thought at first that Romeo's was going to be an Italian-themed restaurant but I already recalled seeing the name of the restaurant somewhere. That turned out to be their branch along Sumulong Highway near Padi's Point and Cloud Nine.

Romeo's version of chicken inasal - tasted good but we thought it was closer to the typical chicken barbecue than the Visayan (or Bacolod-style) inasal or inato.
Chop suey - it was average at best but our daughter loves veggies so it didn't matter to her as long as she had her sweet peas and carrots.
Ribs - obviously we already had more than some of it by the time I decided to take a photo
Leche flan for dessert
We were not disappointed for the food that we ordered. All were cooked well and we felt these were presented nicely, too. The servings were basically to share between two people so you can order maybe two to three dishes plus rice in order to have a full tummy. Their ribs is good and I guess this is along the line of their specialty - steaks. The inasal was also okay though not as good as the ones served at inasal restaurants. The chop suey was average so they probably need some help there to make it more appealing as well as tasty. But for dessert, one must definitely go for their leche flan, which we thought was just the right texture and sweetness. Cost-wise, Romeo's items are reasonably priced and friendly to the budget. That's another side of being family-friendly and definitely a come-on to many people.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dinner out with friends

I would say that it is always a nice experience to go out for dinner with friends. It is an opportunity to enjoy good company with good food. The good company here are close friends and colleagues at our office, a research and extension center of the University of the Philippines Diliman. The good food is care of Lantaw along the SRP Highway in Cebu City. Everyone of us like to eat good food and especially the combination you will find in Filipino restaurants that include grilled food, seafood and a few bottles of beer. Of course, the best part of any dinner like this are the stories and laughter that help relieve stress at the end of the day as we all unwinded from Day 2 of the conference we are attending.

A toast before our food was arrived


Sunday, March 29, 2015

Aka renga

I lived in Yokohama from 1996 - 1999. At the time, there was a lot of developments in the Minato Mirai district. These included restoration and rehabilitation work for many structures in what used to be a major part of the Port of Yokohama. These included former warehouses made of red brick - aka renga - in area that was designated as a park dedicated to these red brick buildings. The restoration and preservation of these red brick buildings and others like it that have been declared as national, prefectural or even city treasures because of their historical or heritage value are most admirable and among the things we could learn from. 

And then there is the commercial aspect of this initiative, which includes holding events in the area as well as selling merchandise with the theme of aka renga. Quite fittingly, I got a box of aka renga-themed delights as omiyage (souvenir or pasalubong) from a student of my second adviser when he visited a few months ago to discuss data collection for his research.

The box was wrapped in paper featuring a print of one of the red brick buildings.
Detailed information on the product is at the back including info stating that it was indeed manufactured in Yokohama.
After removing the wrapper, a simpler box is revealed.
The soft caramel nut cakes are individually wrapped.
The content of each pack was what looked like a lemon square.
A closer look shows crushed almonds on top of a few layers of caramel and pastry.
The bar looks like a slice of sans rival but it is more like a caramel bar. The consistency is like that but in my opinion it tastes much better than your regular caramel bar. Is it the best one around? Probably not and there will be others that would likely be better than this bar but this one's good for a souvenir item.