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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Oakley lens replacement

I bought my first Oakley sunglasses in 2015 while I was traveling in San Diego, CA. These are quite expensive in the Philippines but you can get good deals abroad especially in the US.

My glasses before I had the lens replaced - note what looks like "bubbles" and film coming of both lenses. The old lenses are polarized and I use the glasses for when I'm driving. I'm not sure how this happened but I suspect its a mix of moisture coming from perspiration and heat that did this to the glasses.
The frame is a perfect fit for me and these are my preferred glasses for when I drive. My back-up is a trusty Polaroid that I keep in my car. That was my usual wear before the Oakley.
The shape of the glasses is most suited to the shape of my face. That's actually something anyone selecting glasses should keep in mind.
This is an Oakley Wiretap model that retails for around 20,000 PHP in the Philippines. I got this for about 12,000 PHP.
A friend recommended a local shop that specialized in lens replacement for various brands especially Oakley. It cost me 2,500 pesos (about 50 USD) for the lens replacements. These were also polarized lenses with the same color as the old ones. I am very happy with the replacements and am driving with my favored glasses again.