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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Jacob's Stew, The Village Center, Antipolo

The Clairvoyant and I travel a lot and one thing we learned from our travels is to try out new things. That includes new places to eat at. We usually practice this whenever we travel but during weekends and with family, there is always comfort and convenience in going to the usual restaurants where familiar menus and quality of food means a good lunch or dinner.

Last Sunday, though, there were limited options when we decided to eat near the All Home store in Antipolo to get some Christmas decor for our tree. We were surprised that our default option of a chicken restaurant fell through. The Savory branch there had already closed. Then there was another restaurant, Gilligan's, but it was already crowded and by the looks of it we couldn't probably get a good table and have to wait for some time before we can be served. And so we walked a bit to check out other restos in the area to find the others full except for one - Jacob's Stew. There was only one customer at the restaurant and their menu seemed good enough for a hearty lunch so we decided to eat there. We were not disappointed.

Jacob's Stew is at the Village Center beside All Home along M.L. Quezon Extension in Antipolo City
Their specialty is beef stew and it was definitely good and something to order when you eat there.
We also ordered their molo and were not disappointed with the serving size and the taste.

Price-wise, we thought their items were priced just right for the quantity and a good deal for the quality. I think the next time we are in the area, Jacob's Stew would be our default restaurant to go for a nice meal.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Snacks - junk food in Bangkok

I took advantage of my travel to Bangkok to finish some reports. Scanning the nearby supermarket for something to eat and drink while working, I chanced upon some junkfood that we used to enjoy while living in Singapore.

Cheezels and Chachos were available at a supermarket chain of a major retailer in the Metro Manila. I don't find them in their shelves anymore so I assume these aren't generally available locally.
I also like chocolate milk and there are many choices in the supermarket so I have my fill of milk while working late. What I couldn't find was Yakult. There's a local version/brand of the probiotic drink but I opted not to purchase a pack.


Thursday, July 26, 2018

On inlfight meals on Thai Airways

I always opt for Thai Airways for flights between Manila and Bangkok, if I had that opportunity. No, its not an unpatriotic thing that I don't fly Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific. I do when I'm on a tight budget. But given the sponsorship (I was invited as a resource speaker at an international workshop.) and seeing that Thai was (surprisingly) less expensive than PAL, the decision was easy. Service, for one, is better and then there is the food. Inflight meals are notoriously lesser quality on-board PAL and CebPac. PAL experienced a resurgence of sorts the months it was managed by San Miguel but reverted when the beer conglomerate quit the business.

Snack in the form of salted and roasted almonds and a glass of orange juice
Lunch on board Thai Airways economy class
I've written about inflight meals before and I guess the better ones were on-board Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines and Emirates. I can only say that from the point of view of an economy class passenger. The wife tells me food on business class is definitely much better. :)

Sunday, July 15, 2018

In room dining at Shang Bangkok

I got quite tired after walking between the hotel and Asiatique. And so I decided to reward myself for taking more than 10,000 steps with one of our ideas for a comfort meal. I ordered some Indian food for in-room dining. Shangri-La makes a good chicken tikka and this came with basmati rice and roti. The servings were quite generous so I ended up working while eating just so I can also sustain my writing.

In-room dining for the night
The Shang's kitchens are quite consistent with this item on their menus as we've enjoyed this in several of the Shangri-la's we've stayed at so far. We'll probably order this again the next time the occasion calls for in-room dining.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Il Ristorante di Antonio, Antipolo City

We've always promoted the city that we call our home - Antipolo. There are lots of places to go to around the city and these include restaurants like those along Sumulong Highway as well as those you will find only in Antipolo like Vieux Chalet, Marison's and Abuela's. For this post, I would like to feature an Italian restaurant, Il Ristorante di Antonio, which is located at a building along the L. Sumulong Memorial Circle and across from the Unciano Hospital (Hint: It's on the 2F of a building that has a Yellow Cab Pizza branch at the ground floor).

The interior for me is very homey. It is a clean, well-lighted place.
Pumpkin soup, which our daughter liked very much
Bolognese cooked and tasted the way we wanted
They had a very good Marinara
Their Quattro formaggi pizza did not disappoint
Sign at the stairs of the building

You can see their full menu and other information in their website (link provided earlier and here). There is ample parking at the building so its no hassle for people coming to dine at the resto. I believe their food is authentic Italian and fairly priced. The restaurant is definitely one I recommend for those looking to eat Italian food whenever in Antipolo.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

First dinner in Amsterdam

I did a lot of walking on my first day in Amsterdam. I had wanted to see how long it took to go back to the hotel beside Amsterdam Central Station from the Museum Quarter. It rained suddenly when I was midway to the hotel and so I had to do some evasive maneuvers as I only had my coat and wasn't able to bring my umbrella. I had thought about having an early dinner in a restaurant or cafe along the way but every place seemed to be too crowded for me. 

And so I rushed back to the hotel and decided to just eat there as the weather deteriorated and what was a strong drizzle developed into something short of a downpour. While there were certainly options for me at the station, I just decided to stay put and eat at the hotel's restaurant. They had a limited menu but that was enough for me as I really didn't feel like being adventurous or something for my meal. That being said, I ended up ordering a pizza and 7-Up. I took my time in eating while watching trains go by (yes, like the song).

Pizza and soft drink for dinner
Yes, that's one of the platforms of the Amsterdam Central Station in the background. The restaurant's windows give you a nice view of the platform and trains. I thought this was a nice hangout after all. There were few diners at the time including a couple of Filipinos who were on vacation (lucky them!) based on what I've overheard in their conversation. [They were a bit loud so I can't help but hear what they were saying.] I went back to my room satisfied with my meal and ready to get some rest from all the travel, including much walking, I did that day.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Breakfasts at Enschede

The Intercity Hotel where I stayed at in Enschede last March served a really good buffet breakfast. The selection was good considering it was a business hotel and one could have a complete meal to start the day. I always like to have cereal and particularly love to have muesli in the mornings. They had that and fresh milk likely from the farms around Twente or perhaps from across the nearby border with Germany.

My first breakfast in Enschede consisted of muesli, bread, sausages, bacon, cold cuts and cheese. I had some tea and orange juice on the side. Not shown are the fruits I had after my hearty meal.
I adhere to the saying that one has to start the day with a good meal. It sets the tone for your energy levels during the day. And for me while I'm traveling, I like to do a lot of walking and commuting via public transport so I need the nourishment for me to keep moving without getting hungry immediately.

Friday, April 13, 2018

On inflight meals again

During my recent travel to the Netherlands, I decided to take Emirates in order to have more manageable (for me) times in flight. The flight between Manila and Dubai was about 7 hours while the flight between Dubai and Amsterdam was about 8 hours. My layover in Dubai was 4 hours. That meant a lot of time to walk around and get my bearings between long flights. I have also been informed that the inflight meals on Emirates were better than most airlines even on economy. I must agree with that observation and I’m now posting some of the “stolen” shots I took of the inflight meals.

Breakfast served on the Manila-Dubai leg of my trip
Breakfast on the Dubai-Amsterdam leg of my trip
Menu on the Dubai-Amsterdam leg of my trip
Details on the meals served on the flight between Dubai and Amsterdam

The lunch selection was okay and I always thought that one doesn't have to consume everything served to you inflight. Eat and drink just enough so you won't feel hungry or thirsty on a long flight. Check out the food if the taste suits you. If you don't feel like eating or it doesn't taste right to you then perhaps you should pass or opt for some light snacks. I do recommend drinking more as you tend to become dehydrated especially on long flights.

I refrained from taking photos of my meals back to Manila but they were again alright compared to most inflight meals I've had. I guess the better ones I've had would be those on my long-haul flights to and from the US via Japan Airlines (JAL). Of course, I am sure that other people would have other opinions about inflight meals including those who categorically state these are unhealthy. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. :)

Monday, April 2, 2018

Hearty pesto and chicken sandwich from Spar

I have had minimal rice since I arrived in Holland. It's actually a welcome development for me as I need to reduce my rice intake and switch to higher fiber options. Bread counts as long as it is not the regular type. And I've managed to eat healthier thanks to the hotel where I'm staying at and the choices I have when I eat out.

One discovery I've made is Spar, a convenience chain that makes excellent sandwiches, bread, pastries and the like. There were a lot of healthy choices including salads and vegetarian meat sandwiches. I spotted their pesto and chicken sandwich and had it heated for a warm meal I took back to my hotel room.

I surely did enjoy this warm sandwich
Spar is a big chain and I found their stores in most cities I visited in the Netherlands.
Pesto and chicken sandwich
A close-up of this pesto and chicken
I have not seen or tasted a sandwich like this the Philippines though the combination of chicken and pesto is not new. Usually, you see it in pasta but not on a sandwich. Maybe there's a restaurant somewhere back home that serves this?


First meal in Europe - Happy Italy

My first meal in Europe was...Italian! That should not come as a surprise considering this is usually a default choice for me if I am not knowledgeable of the restaurants in the place I am visiting. In this case, I really didn't bother researching about the restaurants in Enschede and based my decision more on what I felt like a restaurant that has a simple menu and many people patronizing it. The other restaurants looked too fancy for me though cost-wise they were okay. I thought, too, that the other restaurants were good if I had company. I had none.

This looks like a good motto for life.
I ordered this pollo a funghi pasta. It turned out to be a big serving and I had to take half home to finish it the following day.
The restaurant's main attraction was their pizzas. They had some good ovens there and all the ingredients were fresh. I also noticed a lot of people ordering meals for take away (take home).
I took home a copy of their menu as a souvenir. This side shows the pizza selection.
This side shows all the other items except their gelato, which was on another card.
Happy Italy is a chain and so at least I have established that they serve good food with very generous serving for pastas. I thought this would be a good reference for future trips to the Netherlands.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Food for Lent

It's the Lenten Season once again and its that time of year when meat consumption tends to go down for Catholics. We are supposed to fast and abstain from meat (that's beef, pork and chicken) on Fridays and the specific days like Ash Wednesday, Maunday Thursday and Black Saturday.

Frozen seafood i vacuum packs mean they will last longer in the refrigerator.

I usually get dory, tanguige, tuna and milkfish as part of our food supply. Bangus (milkfish) is usually for breakfast while the other seafood can be cooked a number of ways. Sometimes I get tuna belly for grilling and sashimi-grade tuna for a home-prepared version of this Japanese favorite. And this is not just for Fridays but for the entire week. Of course, I try to get fresh seafood whenever I have the opportunity to go to market. That's where I get our supply of vegetables, shrimps, fish and other seafood from our suki vendors.

There was a bit of irony when Ash Wednesday happened to be the same day as Valentine's Day. Some people (the more religious ones?) were in some sort of dilemma how they can "celebrate" Valentine's Day when it was a day of fasting and abstinence if you're a Roman Catholic. I'm sure they were able to figure that out while practicing abstinence from meat

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Marugane Udon & Tempura

There's a new Japanese restaurant at the Bonifacio High Street. We finally got eat there last weekend as we were early enough to get through without having to fall into the long queue of diners we've usually seen outside the restaurant. They currently have a steady stream of customers so I think its better to be early to try eating there during the off-hours between lunch and dinner.

Marugamae Udon is right across from Fully Booked
Customers see the food being prepared/cooked right in front of them as they queue to get their hearts' (and stomach's) desire.
I tried their cold udon so as to see how good their handmade udon really is. It is good!
Their curry was just the right in terms of spicy and texture
Their beef udon is a bestseller
The system for ordering food at the restaurant is quite efficient. The long line seems to be only for before the restaurant opens its doors and lets people in. It is a self service restaurant but staff assist people with their trays to prevent spills and food waste. Price-wise, they offer very good value for money as we were surprised we didn't shell out much for the really good food (quality and quantity) that we ate there. One more thing that I'd like to add is that I observed a lot of Japanese eating there so perhaps that's a good sign and an argument for authenticity.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Pho 2000

Since this was my first trip to Vietnam, I was looking forward to enjoying their food. After a nice long walk around our accommodations where we were able to take a few photos of attractions like the Opera House and City Hall, we ended up at Ben Thanh Market to check the prices of some items we planned to purchase before coming home later in the week. Satisfied with our expedition, my friend and mentor took me to the nearby Pho 2000, which became famous when then US President Bill Clinton ate there. There we had our rather early dinner.

They had a simple straightforward menu
There were only a few of us eating at the restaurant as it was only 5:30 PM when we were there.
The logo of the restaurant states "Pho for Presidents"
We both ordered chicken pho that came with bean sprouts and mint leaves
We also ordered and enjoyed fried spring rolls
As we were tired from our walk, we also ordered coconut water in the shell. This was quite a refreshing drink and so suitable after our walk.
The restaurant has a lot of framed photos of former US President Clinton enjoying his meal there.
The original restaurant was on the ground floor of the building. That area has since become a branch of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Pho 2000 moved to the 2nd Floor but access is through CBTL. They have good food and an efficient staff at this restaurant. Its perfect for those who want to enjoy authentic pho but also want a clean, safe place where they could have a good meal.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Vietnamese dinner - Part 3

I interrupt my series of art postings with a retro topic. I was checking how many drafts I had waiting to be completed when I noticed there seemed to be one missing from the more recent ones I started writing. It turned out I left out one draft from way back in 2013 so this is like something I started 4 years ago that I now will try to finish. This draft was written when we were still residing at our old home in lower Antipolo.

The photos show the step-by-step process for making Vietnamese spring rolls. The Clairvoyant learned this together with a couple of friends while on vacation there.

Herbs and cabbage are carefully placed on the wrapper, which is made of rice
Rice noodles
Ingredients for the Vietnamese dishes
Beans sprout are washed in running water
Bean sprouts or toge
Ingredients for the spring rolls
Rolling the fresh spring rolls
Plating for the spring rolls. Those flowers are made of tomatoes.
The dip for the spring rolls with floating flowers made of carrots.
I asked the Clairvoyant if she could remember how to make the spring rolls and she said she probably has her notes from their Vietnamese food lessons stashed somewhere. We hope to find it soon and be able to enjoy some homemade spring rolls again soon.