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Sunday, October 30, 2016

On open spaces for the general public

This long weekend is something a lot of people were looking forward to to have a break before the long Christmas season. Undas is a time for homecomings as people flock to their respective hometowns to honor those who passed away. These cemeteries and memorial parks become very crowded when, for most of the year, these are usually quiet areas where few people venture to. But what if we had more open spaces where people can enjoy walks, picnics or simply getting together or perhaps do some solitary time? We don't have much of these despite so much encouragement as well as studies and example pointing to such open spaces (e.g., parks) enhancing quality of life and health of people. What I wanted to point out here is actually that we need to have more public areas in our cities and towns, and local governments should invest in these for the welfare of their constituents.

Here is a couple of panoramic photos I took at Lingayen during a recent trip showing the expanse of the public park near the beach and the beach itself facing Lingayen Bay.

Lingayen Park behind the Pangasinan Provincial Capitol complex is a wide expanse where people converge to picnic or take a walk. There are no structures here, which I thought was not necessarily a good thing considering the area is very exposed to the environment. I guess the local or provincial government can design and construct a few structures for shelter but these structures need to be designed according to the locale and using native building materials. And then there is also the need for proper maintenance. Perhaps considering all these concerns help make a case against structures in the first place?
Sunset at Lingayen Beach - its not white sands like what attract tourists to Boracay, Bohol or Cebu but the beach is clean, the waters are also clean and warm. You can become envious of what people here have in terms of public open spaces. Historically, maybe its hard to imagine for some that these beaches were where Japanese forces landed en masse in 1941 during the Second World War as they invaded the Philippines, which was then under the United States. I can imagine these beaches and Lingayen Park swarming with soldiers and military equipment, and with warships filling the bay to provide naval support to landing troops.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Flashback: Ilocos Sur - Quirino Bridge

A friend stumbled upon a treasure trove of photos from 2004 when we were implementing a project that took us across the island of Luzon mainly along the Manila North Road/McArthur Highway/Maharlika Highway corridor. In the Ilocos Region, we set up stations in La Union and Ilocos Sur. But as they say, it is not only the destinations that are the attractions but the journeys as well. Nothing could be further from the truth as along the way, we were treated to so many sights that one could only appreciate if you were on a road trip, and with the advantage of daylight so as to be able to take in the roadside attractions.

The following photos were taken on our return trip from Vigan when we passed the Quirino Bridge that spans the Abra River. We were not able to appreciate the bridge on our way to Vigan as it was already night time when we reached Ilocos Sur. I remember that our staff Glenn and I linked up with our staff Alorna and Roy in Bauang, La Union so we could go together to Vigan. Glenn and I took a Partas bus from Cubao and arrived in Bauang around 2PM to meet up with Alorna and Roy, who had just completed their surveys along the highway in that town. Karl, who headed that team, had to go back to UP to attend to his lectures, and it was my turn to go in the field at the time after also fulfilling my responsibilities at the university in between postings in Bagiuo and then Vigan. During our return trip, we made sure we were able to at least make some stopovers to be able to take some souvenir photos.

Quirino Bridge as seen from the north end
At the north end of the bridge with Glenn Latonero
At a view deck along the national highway after crossing the Quirino Bridge with Roy Velasco and Glenn
At the view deck with Glenn Latonero and Alorna Abao
Posing with the vehicle with Glenn and Alorna
Kidding around with Glenn and Alorna
Approach to the bridge from the north end

Friday, April 20, 2012

Flashback: Field Surveys in Urdaneta, Pangasinan

A friend found some old photos from field surveys we undertook for a nationwide study on inter-regional passenger and freight flow. The photos bring back a lot of memories about those challenging surveys that required us to stop vehicles and interview drivers and passengers. Though we were assisted by the PNP, we had mixed experiences during the surveys. There were some who were rude but most were kind enough to indulge us in our data gathering. The following photos were taken on July 29, 2004 at roadside in Urdaneta, Pangasinan as I and our staff Alorna Abao was heading to Baguio City with Mang Dulo (Odo) as our driver. I stopped by the station along McArthur Highway to pick up Alorna who was on my good friend Karl Vergel's team. I was coming from my own station in Capas, Tarlac and we had to do recon in Baguio. I remember our strategy was to do "city hopping" all the way to Ilocos for our surveys.

From L-R: Ernie Abaya, Roy Velasco, Regin Regidor, Karl Vergel, Alorna Abao and Dulo Odo

From L-R: Leo Luangco, Roy Velasco, Regin Regidor, Karl Vergel, Alorna Abao, Dulo Odo
I will be posting more photos from our surveys in 2004 in the succeeding days.