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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Mango float for Easter

The Clairvoyant made some mango float last Thursday that we could enjoy on Easter weekend. The recipe is not so complicated and the ingredients are easy to get. Fresh mangoes are available throughout the year but are very much in season this March and April so we were able to get good mangoes that are just right in terms of sweetness and sourness. Cream and condensed milk are also readily available from the supermarket or even in convenience stores. Graham crackers, which would serve as the layers for what would look like a cake are also available from the grocery. We have a few Pyrex trays at home that we use for various dishes so we just took a couple out of storage and prepared them for use for the do-it-yourself dessert. I took a few photos of the final product that we sampled today after almost 48 hours in the freezer.

Fresh from the fridge freezer - the mango float was placed in the freezer for best results in integration of the ingredients.
The first slice of mango float for the taste test.
Success! The mango float tastes great and the layers of graham, mangoes and cream/condensed milk mix is seen in the photo.
I can say that the mango float is ready for Easter Sunday and won't probably last beyond Sunday if we let everyone indulge in dessert tomorrow.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter in Cabatuan

No, I'm not in Cabatuan right now but I've always reminisced about childhood days when I spent my Holy Weeks in my father's hometown. It was a part of the summer that I've always looked forward to. It was a time when the family on my father's side got together, reacquainting themselves and exchanging stories on a year past and updating each other on relatives who were not able to make it to the informal reunions.

We heard Mass at the ancient church of Cabatuan whose patron saint is San Nicolas Tolentino. I remember my aunts, Nanay Pilar and Nanay Agrong, going to church very late Saturday night or early Easter morning for the vigil mass. The brought grain with them for these to be blessed. It assured us of an abundant harvest every year - El Nino notwithstanding. I was able to get a good photo of the church below:

I will always go back to Cabatuan whenever I'm in Iloilo. No excuses now especially since the airport is already there. But I look forward to less busier days when I and the clairvoyant would visit during the Holy Week and reminisce good old times with beloved relatives.