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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Okuya Japanese Restaurant, Naga City

Arriving Naga after quite a long drive, we had a good lunch at Red Platter, and then proceeded to check-in at a hotel. Afterwards, we proceeded to meet with our contacts there and brief the people who would be conducting field work with us. Still quite tired from the travel and wanting to have an earlier dinner, we decided to go to a Japanese restaurant we spotted while making our way to our hotel. We wanted to have some comfort food before we called it a day and Okuya presented us with our favorite in the form Japanese food.

Entrance to the restaurant
Salmon sashimi is among those we regard as comfort food
They have a lot of items on their menu including bento sets and other combos
Restaurant interiors - clean, orderly, well lighted
Chicken teriyaki box
Yasai itame
Their version of shoyu ramen
Tuna maki
The food at Okuya was okay. We thought the quality and presentation was generally at par with the Japanese restaurants we usually eat at around UP. The ramen though was average so perhaps that's one item that you're better off with the better known ramen restos. The sashimi, teriyaki, maki and tempura were enjoyable. The service was also very good and the prices didn't hurt so there's value for money here.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Chez Marie, SM City CDO Uptown

Another restaurant we ate at in CDO is one that's quite new. It wasn't there yet last December but immediately caught our attention as we surveyed restaurants for our lunch. Fortunately, my colleagues weren't feeling for more seafood that dinner time as we already had our fill the previous meals.

Poster showing some of their specialties
Their menu shows healthy selections including items whose ingredients are sourced from organic farms or freshly made at the restaurant
The interiors are interesting
And the food is really good. This is the chicken tikka I ordered, which came with a black rice variety
I had a dark chocolate popsicle for dessert partly to
Chez Marie, I think, is a must try restaurant for anyone looking for a good meal. The service is good and the prices are also reasonable. Add to this the ambiance that they were able to establish for a branch that's located in a mall.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Prawn House, Centrio, Cagayan De Oro

After a meeting near the downtown of Cagayan De Oro that finished early evening, my colleagues and I decided to go to Ayala's Centrio mall to have dinner there. After figuring out what we jokingly referred to as a maze inside the mall, we suddenly had a sort of difficult choice to make when we saw the selection of restaurants at the atrium area. These included branches of local restaurants we had tried before and the tried and tested ones we have in Manila.

We ended up at Prawn House, which is at the top floor and near the central stairs. One of us remembered seeing branches of the restaurant in Opol and near SM Uptown. Here are some photos from our dinner there.

Info on prawns printed on their placemats
Halaan soup has become somewhat a comfort food for us during trips like this.
Kilaw na tuna with seaweed
Grilled tuna belly
Baked scallops
Grilled cuttlefish (though restaurants generally refer to this as squid)
The food was good and the service, too. Prices are also very reasonable. In fact, we saw many families and not just groups from offices having their dinner there. Many seem to be regulars by the way they are greeted by the staff. Here's another restaurant that goes into our list of recommendations for when eating out in Cagayan De Oro. Of course, one must also try eating at their seaside branch in the next town of Opol.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Panagatan, SM City Cagayan De Oro Uptown

There is a restaurant that we often go to whenever we are in Cagayan De Oro or Iligan. The original one was in the town of Opol, located between the two cities, and along the seaside. I only learned recently, as I have not been in Iligan since 2009 and my stay in CDO last July 2018 was a hectic one that didn't allow us to go to the restaurant, that it now has six branches. Panagatan has expanded to include five more branches but these are located in malls rather than standalone restos.

Menu cover showing their branches in the region
Front cover of the menu
Seafood items
Soup and appetizers
The interior featured some curious items used as accents including these two wooden boats on the ceiling. I admire the effort here to make the restaurant inside the mall have a feel of their standalone branches.
Halaan soup always gives me a somewhat comforting feeling.
Chop suey for our serving of vegetables.
Our main dish of grilled fish came a little late and we were so hungry that I forgot to take a photo of the dish. Its okay, I think, since the presentation is the typical one for grilled tuna belly. I can still say that the food is good and the prices will not put a hole on your wallet of pocket. The service is okay though I cannot help but compare with the restaurant next door "Boy Zugba" that offers similar dishes but with more outgoing staff. We'll probably come back for a meal next time we're in CDO.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Katsu House Antipolo

There's a nice small restaurant near our home that we only recently tried out. We were craving for some Japanese food and thought, what if we walked to the restaurant and order some katsu? It turned out that the wife recalled they had ordered from Katsu House a couple of weeks earlier for one of their groups, and they were very happy with the food they had for lunch.

The Katsu House along Beverly Hills Drive in Antipolo City
A play corner in the restaurant
Table for a group of six
They have several tables at the restaurant but we're not sure a lot of people are eating there. At least those in the neighborhood probably order food for delivery or pick-up.
Table for two?
Here's a link to their Facebook page:

You'll find their menu there but be sure to call them for new items that they may be offering. They are very helpful and from our experience are easy to deal with. We ordered for my father's 80th birthday celebration and we were very pleased with the chicken and pork katsu that they delivered. Tatay wanted to have some katsu as he also likes Japanese food.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Boy Zugba, SM City Cagayan De Oro (Uptown)

There is a nice restaurant we discovered on a recent trip to Cagayan De Oro. Boy Zugba offers what we usually like to eat on trips like this - grilled food. Here are some photos I took earlier this month.

Menu showing grilled items (sinugba)
The menu includes comic commentary on how to enjoy the dining experience at the restaurant
Message wall for customers/diners - I think this is one of those ideas that are supposed to be for instagram?
The interiors are very colorful and kind of cartoonish in a good way.
They also have an interesting take on the lighting, which reminded me of a designer specializing in such industrial designs.
Kinilaw or ceviche - raw fish marinated in vinegar and mixed with tomatoes and onions, with pipino and seaweed on the side
Grilled cuttlefish (although its listed as squid)
Barbecue shrimps
Grilled scallops
A pleasant surprise is the performance of the staff. It reminded us of the performances of the staff in another restaurant before with their "singing cooks and waiters".
Their very interesting take on leche flan - this one's a must dessert as they did very well with the texture and taste of this "classic"
The restaurant front includes a large print of the menu.
The food is of very good quality and quantity. The staff are attentive and kind. One definitely comes back to this restaurant for future meals or, in our case, when we are in this area of Cagayan De Oro again.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

In room dining at Shang Bangkok

I got quite tired after walking between the hotel and Asiatique. And so I decided to reward myself for taking more than 10,000 steps with one of our ideas for a comfort meal. I ordered some Indian food for in-room dining. Shangri-La makes a good chicken tikka and this came with basmati rice and roti. The servings were quite generous so I ended up working while eating just so I can also sustain my writing.

In-room dining for the night
The Shang's kitchens are quite consistent with this item on their menus as we've enjoyed this in several of the Shangri-la's we've stayed at so far. We'll probably order this again the next time the occasion calls for in-room dining.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

First dinner in Amsterdam

I did a lot of walking on my first day in Amsterdam. I had wanted to see how long it took to go back to the hotel beside Amsterdam Central Station from the Museum Quarter. It rained suddenly when I was midway to the hotel and so I had to do some evasive maneuvers as I only had my coat and wasn't able to bring my umbrella. I had thought about having an early dinner in a restaurant or cafe along the way but every place seemed to be too crowded for me. 

And so I rushed back to the hotel and decided to just eat there as the weather deteriorated and what was a strong drizzle developed into something short of a downpour. While there were certainly options for me at the station, I just decided to stay put and eat at the hotel's restaurant. They had a limited menu but that was enough for me as I really didn't feel like being adventurous or something for my meal. That being said, I ended up ordering a pizza and 7-Up. I took my time in eating while watching trains go by (yes, like the song).

Pizza and soft drink for dinner
Yes, that's one of the platforms of the Amsterdam Central Station in the background. The restaurant's windows give you a nice view of the platform and trains. I thought this was a nice hangout after all. There were few diners at the time including a couple of Filipinos who were on vacation (lucky them!) based on what I've overheard in their conversation. [They were a bit loud so I can't help but hear what they were saying.] I went back to my room satisfied with my meal and ready to get some rest from all the travel, including much walking, I did that day.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Hearty pesto and chicken sandwich from Spar

I have had minimal rice since I arrived in Holland. It's actually a welcome development for me as I need to reduce my rice intake and switch to higher fiber options. Bread counts as long as it is not the regular type. And I've managed to eat healthier thanks to the hotel where I'm staying at and the choices I have when I eat out.

One discovery I've made is Spar, a convenience chain that makes excellent sandwiches, bread, pastries and the like. There were a lot of healthy choices including salads and vegetarian meat sandwiches. I spotted their pesto and chicken sandwich and had it heated for a warm meal I took back to my hotel room.

I surely did enjoy this warm sandwich
Spar is a big chain and I found their stores in most cities I visited in the Netherlands.
Pesto and chicken sandwich
A close-up of this pesto and chicken
I have not seen or tasted a sandwich like this the Philippines though the combination of chicken and pesto is not new. Usually, you see it in pasta but not on a sandwich. Maybe there's a restaurant somewhere back home that serves this?