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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Chocolate review: Anthon Berg 72% cacao fairtrade chocolate

I discovered we still had a couple of bars of the Anthon Berg chocolates I purchased last April. This one's a dark chocolate unlike the dark milk I wrote about before.

The chocolate claims to have minimum 72% cacao
Details on the chocolate at the back of the box
Here's a close-up showing nutrition information on the chocolate
This is a 100g bar that's made in Denmark
This chocolate had a hint of bitterness about it that I identify with dark chocolates. And yet there was also the smoothness that it had that also made it enjoyable and invited one to have another bite.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Chocolate review: Tony's Chocolonely 51% dark chocolate with pecan

Last March's trip to the Netherlands yielded several chocolate bars that I got to bring home. Among these was this chunky bar that's got quite a name to it.

I take it that Tony's Chocolonely refers to a longing for chocolate?
Details on the chocolate at the back of the package
Most of the information though were in Dutch but looking and attempting to read it actually gives you some sense of what is being described. For example, it's easy to determine that this chocolate contained 51% cacao.
Nutrition information

The inside of the wrapper gives a story of the maker
Close-up of the wrapper's upper part
Close-up of the wrapper's lower part

I forget how much exactly I got this chocolate for but surely it didn't exceed 3 Euro from the convenience store where I got it. It is a very good chocolate and definitely one to enjoy and something to pick-up the next time I see it in a shop.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Chocolate review: Chocolat Stella Intense Dark Chocolate 75% Cocoa

We haven't had chocolates from this maker in quite a while and I thought we had this particular one and that I wrote about it before. Turns out that the previous one is a different chocolate.

This is a 75% cocoa chocolate so I would agree that this is on the 'intense' side in as far as dark chocolates are concerned.
Details about the chocolate at the back
Nutrition information on the chocolate
There's an interesting thing about this chocolate as it is supposed to have been produced using sustainable means.
This chocolate is another winner in terms of the taste and texture. It is basically very smooth despite the 75% cocoa content. The chocolate retails for 3.85 USD (~204 PHP) at the NAIA Duty Free Shop. I got a 5% discount on this and other chocolates that I usually buy prior to a trip to avail of their Travel Light promo.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Up in the Clouds Ice Cream, Maginhawa Street

We were looking for a place to have dessert at after having a quick lunch in the Teacher's Village area when we spotted what looked like a newly opened ice cream shop along Maginhawa Street. "Up in the Clouds Ice Cream" is on the ground floor of the building hosting a branch of Anytime Fitness. It is right across from Bo's Coffee near the intersection of Maginhawa and Magiting Streets.

Shop counter using the ice cream containers as display
Interesting spot in the shop with a lone stool and lamp set-up with an accent wall backdrop. I guess this is more for photo ops than as a seating place to enjoy your ice cream?
Writings on the wall
Ice cream selection
They have some original flavors including a dark chocolate concoction they call "Dark Side of the Frost"
Descriptions of their regular flavor offerings
Other desserts available at the shop
Another look at the counter
Their ice cream is okay though not as creamy as others like Baskin Robbins or Sebastian's. Of course, it is not (yet?) at the level Gelatissimo, Caramia or the other established gelato cafes. I wouldn't even go to comparing it with Carmen's Best or the other local artisan brands out there. Still, it is a nice addition to the collection of restaurants in Teachers Village.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Chocolate review: Valrhona Christian Lacroix Grand Crux Noir

I almost forgot writing about this box of chocolates and so I'm posting this on this All Saints' Day and perhaps try to put some "Undas" angle to this article.

The box is already quite enticing and perhaps what led to this being purchased at the duty free shop
Details at the back of the wrap-around packaging
I enlarged this a bit to clearly show the four type of bonbons
Nutrition information and the price tag on the cover
The box after the removal of the fancy cover
As if the suspense was not enough there's another cover for good measure
Removing the cover reveals 16 bonbons
A close-up of the bonbons

Priced at 35 USD when it was purchased, this was definitely a good buy. The exquisite chocolate bonbons seem more appropriate for Valentine's Day but is perfect for any day including today. As mentioned in the movie "Forrest Gump", life is like a box of chocolates. At times, it can be simply sweet. Some times it can be quite spicy. I don't think you really don't know what you'll get because in many cases, you can have a fair expectation of what you'll get or what you can look forward to. But then the latter cases are those brought about by one's actions and the consequences are to be expected if not wanted or desirable. That is life and how those who went ahead of us lived it. We remember them today and with love.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Chocolate review: Villars dark pure 72%

There is another Villars bar that we had before my trip to Australia last July (so you know this is quite a late post). I remember purchasing this from Santis one time I was getting wine to be given away as tokens for speakers at an event we hosted. This bar "got lost" under the other chocolates as we tried to enjoy the ones we bought earlier and were to expire ahead of the others.

Villars dark pure 72%
Details about the chocolate at the back of the box
This chocolate claims a minimum of 72% cacao content
Nutrition information

This chocolate was surprisingly good for one with 72% cacao. It was smooth and not so bitter for a 72%. I got this from Santis so its easy to get some of these bars if necessity calls for it. I think we currently have a lot of excellent chocolates in stock at home as the Australian chocolates have only seen one bar consumed and I recently bought a good sampling of chocolates from Vietnam. There are also Italian chocolates and some Valrhona bars. Still, I think I would be getting a bar or two of this chocolate should I be at Santis again.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Chocolate review: Leonidas dark 54% Nibs

Part of our older stash was a bar of Leonidas chocolate that I got from a trip last year. We forgot about this as we got more chocolate from our trips the past months. Somehow, I found this as I tried to put some order to our chocolate cache.

Leonidas dark 54% nibs
Details about the chocolate at the back of the box
Information on the maker
Details about the ingredients including that the chocolate had a minimum 54% cacao.

This was one of the smoothest dark chocolates we've had. It was worth the wait though it was because we only had one bar and I forgot we had one. Unfortunately, I don't recall how much I got this chocolate for. I do remember though that I purchased this at NAIA Terminal 3 as part of several bars that I got with the travel light promo they have at Duty Free Philippines. This 100g bar should easily be more than 5 USD (more than 250 PHP) but it is worth it.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Chocolate review: Villars Dark Orange

Another chocolate that I remember getting at the Cocoa Tree shop at the airport is one from Villars. I had almost forgotten this chocolate and was pleasantly surprised seeing a bar of their dark chocolate with orange at the back of the refrigerator.

Villars Dark Orange
Details on the chocolate at the back of the box
The bar claims to have 50% minimum cacao. The orange is stated to have been sourced from Southern Italy.
Nutrition information.

This chocolate retailed for about PHP 250. I think that's fair for a very good chocolate in a 100g bar. The chocolate is just about right in terms of the mix of bitter and sweet, with the sweetness mainly coming from the candied orange peels.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Chocolate review: Torino Noir Dark Chocolate with Hazelnut Filling

Here is another chocolate that we forgot about in storage (read: the back of our refrigerator). I found this bar with what was left of our most recent stash of dark chocolates and decided to eat it not because of curiosity but because its label indicated that it would be the first to expire among the chocolates we had in reserve. The date at the back of the label though did not indicate expiration but most likely was a "best before" information.

Dark chocolate with hazelnut filling
Details on the chocolate at the back
Nutrition information

I think I got this one from a trip to Santis to purchase some wine. I was curious about the hazelnut filling for this dark chocolate but I only got one bar because the Clairvoyant was not really a fan of this type of chocolates with fillings unless the chocolates happen to be the really good ones that we've tried before. If it were from Santis then its likely that this cost about 125 PHP, which is not so expensive for a 100g Swiss chocolate bar. We thought that the filling was just the right texture and flavor to mix with the minimum 47% cocoa. It was more on the sweet rather than the bitter side of dark chocolates. I will try to get a bar or two again soon just to get reacquainted with this chocolate.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Pablo - cheese tart

I finally got to taste the much hyped cheese tart by Pablo. Pablo is a Japanese franchise that's only recently established a foothold in Metro Manila. Upon the opening of its stores, there were long queues of people curious about this specialty. I thought that the lines also reflected the word of mouth going around for people who had tasted the tarts abroad and specifically in Japan. And what seems to be an expensive delight (To be fair, I haven't checked the prices but people have told me the tarts were quite pricey.)

The big cheese tart
Here's a close-up of the tart showing the texture that to me is creamy yet firm enough that its really enjoyable 

I would say that Pablo's cheese tart was definitely good. I, however, am not exactly big on tarts although I enjoy the buko tarts of Rowena's in Tagaytay. The taste and texture for me were very familiar as I've enjoyed somethings like this when I was residing in Japan. The taste reminded me of the Japanese-style cheese cakes we enjoyed over coffee or tea. I even recall the nice neighborhood kind of coffee shops near the Tokyu Jiyugaoka Station where we had some really good cheese cakes that tasted like Pablo's tarts. I thought that Pablo's tarts were very good but I am not sure the steep price (~PHP 500 for the one pictured above) is value for money.