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Monday, October 10, 2011

Lourdesian blue

Blue is my favorite color ahead of rose (not maroon) and green. I am fond of the different hues of the color ranging from navy, royal, sky and dark. Blue is associated with different schools, most prominently with one along Katipunan that is well known for the blue-colored avian that represents its teams as well as its products. I am well aware of this and yet I insist on picking blue but of a different hue. 

Some people call it light blue, some say its sky. I prefer to call it Lourdesian blue after my alma mater. This variety of blue is one that is associated with Our Lady of Lourdes and is distinctive on the clothing of her image. It is my preferred hue also because I feel it to be cool rather than warm. It also blends well with my skin unlike the darker hues that seem to make me look darker, too. Many of my shirts have elements of this hue of blue and I consider it a part of my style even as I also try to diversify my wardrobe to include reds and greens. 

Of course, blacks and whites are basic colors and are pretty standard for me especially when I have to suit up for presentations and important meetings. The barong tagalog, I believe, should only be colored white or its variants. White shirts are perfect for any tie and black complements perfectly with white (e.g., white shirt and black plants and suit jackets).