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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Another beautiful sunset at the "second floor"

We only recently have gone back to what older people in our area of residence call the "second floor". This is atop what appears to be the highest point in our village. The Clairvoyant wanted to go there again for the first time since almost half a year ago before she had surgery. I had brought our daughter there for the first time a week earlier as part of our adventures together. She was actually more interested in the cows grazing near the road than climbing up to get a nice view of the city, the mountains and even Laguna de Bay. But when we were on top, she became curious about the mint that grew seemingly everywhere on that rocky land. I just had to caution her about running and not watching where she went. She can get quite clumsy and might just end up stumbling and hurting herself.

I related our little adventure to her mother and the Clairvoyant was naturally envious of our expedition. When we finally had the opportunity one afternoon, we decided to go there again and timed our climb so we can have a great view of the sunset. We were not disappointed and here is one of the shots we were able to take using just our smartphones:

The major elements conspired that late afternoon to give us this spectacular sunset
There are no two sunsets that are alike and so we will continue going up the "second floor" to view the sunsets. Of course, now there will be three of us going there from time to time. :)