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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A week of chairs

I'd like to think this week was about chairs starting when I had my chair given to me by the Clairoyant sometime in 2008 or 2009 re-upholstered. It wasn't a total re-upholstering and I didn't have to bring it to a shop. I was lucky that one of our staff, our driver Bert, was knowledgeable of such things as upholstery. I remembered this as he had already fixed some chairs and the conference table at one of our laboratories at the center. He did a great job on those so I consulted him on my chair. And so we ended up dismantling the chair and replacing parts of the leather that was damaged from the weathering effect of use the past 4 years. The result is the chair in the photo where the damaged leather (on the seat, armrests and upper back parts) were replaced with better material. My two-tone chair should last more years.

Refurbished chair
This morning, I also sat on two special chairs. First was the dental chair when I had my regular appointment with our dentist in Marikina. I had my teeth cleaned and one filling fixed. Next stop for me was a visit to the barber shop and another special chair. I had my hair cut a week earlier than usual as I would be on trips in the next two weekends to conclude summer - a long-planned return to Panglao in Bohol and my regular visit to Singapore where the Clairvoyant is based. I expect to be seated in another chair in Panglao, the folding type and facing the excellent beaches at the resort.