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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Maligayang Pasko!

Maligayang Pasko! Nawa’y ang liwanag na ibinahagi sa atin ay ating ibahagi rin sa kapwa [May we be able to share the light that was shared with us.].

Our belen or nativity scene for the last 3 years is this one we got at the Padre Pio Center near Eastwood in Quezon City.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Venchi 75% Dark Chocolate

The wife and I don't usually celebrate Valentine's Day as a couple the way others celebrate it - having a date on the day or me giving her flowers on the 14th. We never did, even during the time we were still dating and agreed to continue this practice even after having a daughter.

This Venchi bar has simple packaging
Details on the chocolate at the back of the box
The chocolate claims to be gluten-free and have a minimum 75% cacao content.
It's the first time I saw a notice on a chocolate about salt content ["The salt content is exclusively due to the presence of naturally occurring sodium."].
The chocolate wrapped in foil and out of the box

This is very fine chocolate and something you would prefer to melt in your mouth. The texture on this one is just right and the 'powdery' feel goes well with it being a 75% chocolate. This is definitely something on the list of chocolates to get when the next opportunity presents itself.

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Mi Terraza resort in Antipolo City

To celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of my in-laws and the 75th birthday of my father-in-law last week, we decided to have a different kind of celebration where family can enjoy catching-up over good food and some swimming. This time, too, it helped that we had additional conversation pieces in the views from the resort. 

Mi Terraza is located in the mountains of Antipolo City, Rizal, our chosen hometown, The infinity pool, terraces and porch affords a splendid view of Metro Manila. I'll let the photos

Infinity pool with a nice view of Metro Manila
The porch of the house is spacious and features really good seating areas
The living area has these two daybeds. Behind is the staircase leading to the 2nd and 3rd floors
View from the third floor
The grounds are expansive and you can do some grilling or eating outdoors. There's also a gazebo away from the house where you can also have a separate session (drinking?).
Here's a photo I took from the infinity pool of the cityscape of Metro Manila. The clouds helped make this a more dramatic image. No filters here for a photo taken with my iPhone 6.

Our daughter had a great time swimming together with her cousins. Our relatives also had a great time. Many of them inquired about reserving the place for future events/celebrations. We were lucky to have good weather so we were able to maximize our day at the resort. I guess it would be difficult to get reservations for the resort during the summer. Nevertheless, with the weather these days, perhaps the place would still make for a good venue for family or even office affairs like team-building seminars.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Pasko at Parol 2016

We have always had a Christmas lantern (parol) diplayed in front of our home even before we had our daughter. We felt it just wasn't as Christmassy without the parol even if we had a nice tree and decorations in our house. Since I always have out of town trips for my projects, I had many opportunities to get a parol from Pampanga and Tarlac during fieldwork there. The first big parol we had was from Tarlac in 2004. I bought it at a roadside shop (MacArthur Highway) where they manufactured and sold lanterns. I actually bought two - one for the office and one for our home. The office lantern survives today and is displayed in front of our building. It just needs some repairs including replacement of many bulbs. 

We noticed our lantern was also already needing some repairs and it seemed not big enough to be prominent on our balcony after we moved into our new home almost 3 years ago. And so the wife made it part of my mission during a trip last November to find us a new parol. I did find one in Pampanga where they make really good lanterns. A roadside shop in Mabalacat was the maker of our new parol and my colleagues also got theirs for their homes from the same shop.

Here's a very short video of our new parol. It's attracted quite a number of admirers already and among them children doing their Christmas carol gigs around the village.

A Blessed Christmas to All!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Happy birthday Tatay!

Today is my father's 78th birthday. As he has done every year, he started his day by going to church to pray and express his thanksgiving to God. I called him this morning but initially wasn't able to greet him and talk to him as he was at church. A few minutes later, he made a return call but I was in the bathroom. So it took a third call between us before I finally was able to speak with him. I actually wanted his apo to sing "Happy birthday!" to Tatay. His granddaughter was looking forward to it after we had told her it was her lolo Tatay's birthday. I guess it brought a lot of joy for him to hear his apo greet and sing to him. I believe it was a very good start for the day and we look forward to our celebration of Tatay's 78th this coming weekend at my parents' home in Cainta.

Tatay with my first cousin Manang Ayo during the wedding of my nephew Ariel


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Celebrating at Swiss Vieux Chalet

We celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary one Sunday after our wedding date. This year it fell on a Friday (to the day of our wedding over a decade ago) and due to our commitments that day and the next (I was principal sponsor at a wedding while the wife attended to errands.), we decided to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. We haven't been to Vieux Chalet for some time and missed eating there. However, I didn't have their contact number so it was good that they did have a website and the information was there. It was nice to hear the familiar voice of Rico, their maitre d', who easily remembered us and took our reservations. We already knew we would have a good lunch after our visit to the site of our future home somewhere in Antipolo.
It always feels like home when we're at Vieux Chalet
Luckily for us, we were early and we had the place to ourselves
The place is perfect for get-togethers with friends and families, and, of course, dates with a special someone
There's a lot of stuff in the restaurant, part of the collection of the Hassig Family who owns the Swiss-themed restaurant.
Artwork blending with the Christmas decors in the restaurant
Iced lemongrass tea - most of the ingredients of their food and drinks are derived from their farm in Antipolo
Italian Farmer's Soup
Cream of mushroom soup
Fettuccine Alfredo
Ricotta Spinach Ravioli in Al Panna Sauce with Truffle Oil
Five Cheese Grilled Pizza - that's their homemade hot sauce that's really quite hot
A surprise dessert of Swiss Chocolate Cake with homemade ice cream

Vieux Chalet also has a bed & breakfast for those intending to stay in Antipolo to explore not just the restaurant but other attractions in this city. Contact and other information are in their website.

Our special thanks to Rico for the great service!