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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Eggs for Breakfast, Antipolo City

The wife had been telling me about this restaurant/cafe in Antipolo that she wanted to try eating at. One time she was able to do so and with our daughter as the opportunity presented itself after doing some errands a couple of months ago. Eggs for Breakfast is located at the Velada Estate in the Villa Cecilia Subdivision along Sumulong Highway. The junction where you turn right is immediately after the Caltex Station a short distance from the Masinag Junction. 

I finally was able to eat there after an appointment in Marikina. This time, I was with my wife and kid and my in-laws. Here are a few photos I took.

The path from the parking area to the restaurant was a very pleasant one as a nice garden suddenly appears before you.
The restaurant/cafe is found inside a compound or estate, which is also an events venue.
Eggs Benedict - this was among their signature dishes and it did not disappoint
Caesar's Salad - the greens were fresh and crispy while the dressing was just right and, I thought, was lighter than the usual dressing.
Tapsilog - their take on this popular item on Filipino breakfasts
Carbonara - the shiitake and truffle gave this version a thumbs up from me.

The food was good and the service was also good. It is a good choice for those wanting to have breakfast, brunch or lunch. I thought that their selection of items featuring their "eggs" theme suits them well. I have yet to try their French toast but I hear it was also good. Price-wise, the items won't certainly put a proverbial hole in your pocket. I look forward to eating here again sometime soon to try other items on their menu. I think I am not alone in this regard for the restaurant as they sure had a steady stream of diners there. Perhaps they should consider having a bigger area to accommodate more people?

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Cafe Inggo, Sto. Domingo, Quezon City

I was having our vehicle serviced at our dealer along Quezon Avenue and instead of waiting at the dealer I decided to go to nearby Sto. Domingo to have some quiet time and have breakfast out the cafe at the shrine complex. What was previously Cafe Dominic is now Cafe Inggo. The name change is obviously a play on Domingo (Dominic in English) that has several nicknames in the Philippines including the popular Doming/Domeng and the playful (sometimes funny) Inggo.

Two friars greeted me as I was seated at my table
A collection of prints of old churches in the Philippines
A painting depicting the familiar scene of the Pieta hangs above the main door
Cafe operating hours
The interior of the cafe had enough tables for groups or individuals. Each table had a coffee table book for browsing by customers.
I had Spanish sardines with an egg sunny side up. They actually serve breakfast meals with 2 eggs but I requested to only be served one. I also had thick iced chocolate of the "tsokolate-eh" kind
Spanish sardines cooked with onions and spread over lettuce, sliced tomatoes and sliced cucumber
I had leche flan for dessert as I had some time left before I headed back to get our vehicle. The leche flan was topped with macapuno, whipped cream and had a slice of orange on the side.
I returned again after a few days to have our other vehicle serviced. That time, I ordered their longganisa (native sausage from Tuguegarao, Cagayan I was informed).
The food is good and the service very attentive. Price-wise, the cost of meals will not hurt your pocket and the servings are just right. It is definitely a nice place to consider for dining when one is in the area. 

Cafe Inggo is located at the far end of the Sto. Domingo complex along Quezon Avenue. The times I've been there it was never crowded and you can easily get a table. I just wonder though if it is crowded on Sundays or feast days of the church.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, C5/McKinley

Once a week, our daughter attends Kinder Musik. We usually leave our home early so that we will not be hampered by traffic along our usual route. We always pass by the roadside Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (CBTL) just after the Shell service station across from the Korean Embassy. This is along the northbound side of C-5. We finally got to go there last Saturday as we were quite early for school and wanted to have a snack prior to her lunch time class.

Counter and staff
You can choose a nice comfy chair or opt for a table at the side where you can catch up on work.
A view of the second level, which looks perfect for people looking for a more private place to meet or perhaps work.
Another photo of the interior

This CBTL is the coziest we've gone to. The staff are accommodating and even brought our food and drink to our table instead of the usual self service in their other branches. I wonder if they don't usually have a lot of customers considering their location or perhaps it was just that we were there on a Saturday morning rather than a workday.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Blugre': A Taste of Davao

We were at the Taytay Municipal Hall for a meeting and afterwards wanted to go for some merienda before heading home. We spotted a new cafe at the building just across from the municipal hall. The last time we were here was more than three months ago and this wasn't there before. 

Blugre' Coffee is a popular cafe in Davao City, the hometown of the current President of the Philippines. I haven't seen any branches in Metro Manila and so it came as a pleasant surprise to see this one in Taytay. Here are some photos of the cafe, which opened only last weekend but now enjoys quite a crowd especially municipal hall employees and visitors.

Backdrop, tables and chairs
Counter and merchandise
Beverage and food selections
Novelty drink celebrating the popularity of the current president
We thought their coffee and iced tea were good. I also tried their tuna melt sandwich and it was good, too. The prices are more like Figaro than Starbucks and they do have some unique items on the menu featuring mainly durian. I think the service is good though they are a bit slow to prepare our orders. We thought that this was likely due to their being new so there's definitely room for improvement. We will definitely be back for more coffee, tea and merienda. Maybe next time we will try their meals.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Dorissimo cafe, Malingap Street, UP Village

A couple of friends and I had lunch at one of the restaurants in UP Village and decided to have some coffee afterwards. I mentioned that there was this coffee shop along Malingap Street that we always passed but never got to try out. We decided to have our coffee and dessert there. Dorissimo cafe is just across from Bayantel and offers mostly pastries and light meals, which can go with a beverage of your choice.

The cafe is a nice cozy place across from Bayantel near the intersection of Malingap with Maginhawa
The chalkboards and the writings on them easily caught our attention and you can't help but try to read what's there. The books were also interesting and I spotted a newer edition of our college calculus textbook in one of the shelves.
Tables, chalkboards and bookshelves
Dorissimo's version of frozen brazo de mercedes made with muscovado sugar
The coffee was good and strong, and the brazo was curiously delightful. The prices are also okay and will not hurt your wallet. The place seems to be a cozy place where you can do some work, reading or meetings. The only hitch is the parking for those coming with their own vehicles. Dorissimo is a small place and  basically only has space for one vehicle to park in front of the cafe and along Malingap Street. One is better off taking public transport or walking to the cafe.