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Thursday, March 7, 2019

On homemade cheese cupcakes

I mentioned to the Clairvoyant that it seems that we won't be enjoying the cheese cupcakes we used to buy from the now defunct Shoppersville. The last bakeshop was now closed and I never thought my purchase of a box of cupcakes and brownies a couple of weeks before was the last time I would be getting these goodies. It looks like they are closed for good. 

And so the wife took some inspiration from that and after getting bit by the proverbial baking bug, decided to make some cheese cupcakes from scratch. It helped that she has a new mixer and got some 'assistance' from our daughter who had prodded her to make some cupcakes so she can take them to school for her baon.

Checking the cupcakes in the oven includes checking the temperature
The cupcakes were baking just right
Cheese cupcakes fresh from the oven
The cupcakes were great and reminded me of those we got at the old Shoppersville. Now, we know we can make these at home at least from time to time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Baked cream dory

The Clairvoyant continued to experiment on our dinners by baking cream dory one weekend evening. Here are a few photos of the preparation for the baked cream dory.

We get our cream dory from the supermarket. It is the vacuum packed kind produced by RDEX, which is based in Davao.
The dory is grilled lightly and placed on a pyrex pan. This is to make sure that the fish is already partly cooked.
Lemon butter sauce with parsley is added to the fish.
A close-up of the lemon butter sauce. The parsley came from a pot we maintain at home among other herbs like rosemary and basil.
A close-up of the fish before it is placed in the oven to bake.
I was not able to take a photo of the fish as it came out of the oven and when we already had our dinner. We were probably too hungry that we just sat, said grace and enjoyed our baked dinner. I do remember that we liked what we ate and there will be a next time for this dish and so that will mean another opportunity for a few photos of the finished product.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Decadent home-made brownies

The Clairvoyant baked some brownies over the Christmas and New Year holidays and came up with what we thought were the best brownies she's made so far. She didn't make it from scratch but I was the one who bought the brownie mix from the supermarket so I got to pick what I thought would probably produce the desired result. The mix was Maya's Decadent Brownie Mix and it had easy to follow instructions for whether you wanted your brownies fudgy or cake-like. We like our brownies to be on the fudgy side, siksik or thick, and not moist (e.g., devil's food cake) or fluffy (e.g., chiffon cake). For a real comparison, I prefer brownies the likes of what you can get from Mrs Fields over the typical neighbourhood bakeshop brownies that seem to be confused with chocolate cake with peanuts mixed in and on top.

The wife sprinkled (more like poured) a lot of pecan nuts and chocolate on top of the brownie after it came out of the oven. This turned out well even though there were already nuts mixed with the dough when it started baking.
Sections of the brownie on the Pyrex tray reveal what I mean by "just right" when it comes to my preference for this baked treat.
Pyrex is transparent, allowing for a view of the brownie a la "ant farm." 
A brownie square = 1 serving
The Clairvoyant promised to bake another batch soon. I took a mental note of that and would be getting a box or two of the same brownie mix. The wife says she will get some macadamia nuts to try it out with the brownies. We both like cashew nuts and these are easily available from roadside shops along our work routes so that should not be difficult to get. I already look forward to the next batch of brownies!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Home made brownies

I love brownies and my mother used to bake some before until our oven conked out after being submerged in the floods of the late 80's. Though there are many good brownies available out there including those from a major bakeshop chain, Goldilocks, most of the more "desirable" fudgy, moist ones are more expensive. Mrs Fields, for example, has the crunchy on the outside, moist inside variety that I prefer. I could easily consume a lot of their brownies in one sitting but then that will cost me some money aside from probably raising my blood sugar level!

I remember a very good college friend of mine bragging about the brownies that he made. We didn't believe him until we finally sampled his brownies one time we celebrated his birthday at their home in Paranaque. These brownies were the real deal and we had more than a few. Nahiya lang kami ng barkada na mag-take home ng brownies.

Last week, the wife baked some brownies (after much encouragement from me). Of course, this was also partly in preparation for a baking activity with our niece and nephew that's coming up soon. Though we committed to making cookies, the kids also like brownies and it might be a good addition to what we'll have in the oven this weekend. I took a few photos of the finished product. It's nothing really fancy as we used a brownie mix you could buy at most supermarkets.

Brownies right out of the oven

Sliced and ready for serving

Crunchy on the outside and moist inside

An even closer look at a brownie slice with the cashews and chocolate chips
We have another box of brownie mix ready. This one's a different brand so we don't know how this will go int he weekend. We'll probably just follow the instructions and see and taste what happens afterwards.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Home made apple pie and cookies

Yesterday, I posted on the "baking exercise" at home last Saturday. I was only a fringe participant in that activity, which I would say was "highly anticipated" given that it had to be postponed several times due to various reasons including the inclement weather two weeks ago and our commitment to bringing our dog to the vet every Saturday the past few weeks (Our beloved Lab was very sick but he's better now.). This post is the conclusion to yesterday's as I feature the finished products. I would have had more photo for yesterday's and today's posts but for the hazy photos taken that I thought did not do justice to the apple pie and chocolate chip oatmeal cookies the wife and our good friend had laboured over (baking is not an easy thing).

Home made apple pie fresh from the oven
Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies still on the pan
Home made apple pie and cookies ready for eating
I may be biased but the wife and our friend did very well and came up with really good apple pie. The cookies were okay but we all agreed they could be better the next time around. I was telling them that the cookies were good enough and comparable to what we could buy from the major bakeshop chains but obviously, the perfectionists in us wanted cookies that were "5-star hotel grade." There will be a next time for this.

There's still some cookie dough (ready for the oven) in our freezer and I remember there's also another pack containing a second pie crust dough. I recall that the original plan was to bake two apple pies but after the first one and a few hours work, they had to be satisfied with one big pie. And there were only five cookies so perhaps the leftover dough can still be improved for the next batch of cookies to be better than the first. Anyhow, we are now looking forward to more pies (mango?), cookies and perhaps brownies, cupcakes and more complicated concoctions in the future.


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What's baking?

The wife and one of her BFFs got together last weekend to do some baking at our home. They had planned this activity a long while ago but the rainy days and other intervening events made them postpone until last Saturday. Their agenda focused on apple pie (which our friend loves and is her specialty) and cookies. Prior to the baking "spree" the wife already bought the ingredients and equipment including measuring cups, mixers, bowls and a rolling pin. Following are a few photos of them mixing all the ingredients for the wife's first foray into baking and the inauguration of our oven. I was only a bystander and took a few photos for posterity so I won't be talking in detail about the process nor the ingredients used.

Mixing ingredients for the crust.
Pie crust being flattened with a rolling pin.
Crust laid out on the pan
The apples are spread unto the crust on the pan.
Ready for the oven!
Next up: the result!