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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Moonrise in Antipolo

I have posted a lot about the sun (sunrises and sunsets) but seldom about the moon. Last weekend presented an opportunity to take a few photos of the moon as it rose from the mountains of Antipolo, Rizal. I thought the rise of the full moon was made more dramatic by the trees that almost obscured the view from our home.

Here are some photos of the moonrise I took with my iPhone 6. I initially tried to get a photo using my trusty Canon Ixus, a very good point and shoot. The requirements (read: adjustments to the camera settings) though to make a good photo didn't allow me time for something that was going to happen over a few seconds. It was a good decision to use the smartphone instead. There are no filters, modifications or enhancements to the following photos of the moonrise.

A friend commented on the same photos that I posted on social media and said that they seemed eerie because of the effect the dark tree branches had. I replied that I saw that immediately before I took the photos. This was deliberate on my part as it was part of the composition, this eerie sort of creepy subject of the full moon. Now I look forward to more moonrise photos.