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Saturday, September 23, 2017

NAIA terminal transfers guide

Here's something useful. I took the following photos from Philippine Airlines' inflight magazine. I hope these are helpful to travelers like me who like to have information on the airport terminals of cities I am visiting. Ninoy Aquino International Airport with its 4 terminal spread out and without a transport system directly connecting them with the airport complex can be daunting to travelers transferring between international and domestic flights particularly between Terminals 1 and 3.


Sunday, April 16, 2017

Grab at NAIA Terminal 2

This is somewhat a late post on transport from the airport but it is actually quite useful information for many who are arriving at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Prior to the arrival of ridesharing/carsharing services, you only have airport taxis and conventional taxis as the most viable options for direct public transport from the airport. Now there are more attractive options for people who feel like they are being cheated by the former options. Grab, for example, now provides a more attractive option to people wanting to take a more exclusive transport mode to their destinations (e.g., home, office, etc.). Then there is also the airport bus (UBE) that now provides express bus services for travelers.

Grab booth at NAIA Terminal 2
One can book a ride with Grab staff or wait at this designated pick-up point after hailing a ride using the app on their phone.


Sunday, December 27, 2015

Shopping at the airport

Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport's (NAIA) has four passenger terminals. Of these, Terminal 3 is the largest and the building space has not been fully utilized. Due to the legal issues surrounding its construction, it took so much time for the terminal to be developed so it could be to its full potential. Last week, when I fetched my father who was flying in from Iloilo, I had more than enough time (his flight was delayed by more than 2 hours) to go around and see the new additions to the airport. These included new restaurants and shops at the south wing of the airport. Among the more conspicuous and the newest addition to the terminal's shopping options is Kiss & Fly.

Kiss & Fly is found at the departure level (3rd level) of the passenger Terminal 3.
The interior looks like a department store from the outside.
There's a Starbucks at one of the entrances. I think this is the second Starbucks at NAIA as there is already one at Terminal 1.
Racks of clothing items from top brands like Lacoste and Burberry are in the Kiss & Fly store. Tommy Hilfiger and Eden Park have their own stores inside.

You can now practically do your shopping at Terminal 3. There are many stores selling clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, electronics and toys. The only thing lacking perhaps is a supermarket but then there are at least 3 convenience stores inside that could provide what the other shops couldn't in terms of food and other items. Of course, there are duty free shops in the terminal, and if you are qualified, many shops offer duty free prices when you present your travel documents. So there is no excuse for not being able to get a souvenir for your loved ones or significant others, especially if you are arriving at Terminal 3.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Japanese chocolates

En route to the US via Japan, we had a two-hour stopover at Narita International Airport. There were a few shops near our boarding gate and I browsed one of the shops for possible souvenirs on the way back to Manila. Of course, I had to look for items you could only get in Japan. These usually included various food items like cookies, pastries, teas and others you typically associate with Japan. The past few years, Japanese chocolates have become popular and I took some photos (for reference) of some of the most popular chocolates.
The tremendously popular Japanese KitKats include green tea, bitter chocolate and sakura
The popular Royce chocolates, which are the more refined chocolates at par with their European and American counterparts
Hokkaido's Shiroi Koibito
I will probably be shopping for a few boxes of these chocolates for our own consumption and as pasalubong for family and friends.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ramen at Narita Airport

In a recent trip to Tokyo, we were not able to go to a regular Japanese restaurant to enjoy a bowl of ramen. Most of our meals were with our Japanese hosts who took us to an Italian restaurant, a Western buffet, and a terrific French resto on top of a tall building in Toranomon. Of course, we are very thankful for the delightful lunches and dinners during our short visit for meetings in a project we are currently working on. I myself was able to get in touch with an old friend and we shared a couple of bottles of beer to wash in the yakiniku we had for dinner. My colleagues though were not so adventurous and were not able to sample good ramen or udon though they did indicate they wanted to try out authentic train station ramen.

We still were able to have ramen on our way back at Narita Airport. We went to the food court right after we had checked-in our luggage and found several choices for our lunch including what looked like a very popular ramen stall. I assumed its popularity based on the line of customers making their orders as well as the number of people already seated at tables nearby and having ramen for their meals. And so two of our group ended up trying the recommended sets while another opted for a katsudon set from a stall nearby.

Sign on the ramen shop at Narita Terminal 1 complete with information on their "must try" sets
Our other options were katsu or chinese food. One colleague chose a katsudon set.
Ramen and gyoza set with rice
The jury is still out there regarding the best ramen at the airport (just to qualify where we ate). For now, I think we had the most splendid ramen that time. It was a very satisfying lunch indeed!


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Limousine bus services from Narita

There are several options for passengers to travel between Narita Airport and their destinations in the Kanto area. There are many train services connecting the airport to Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba or other destinations. These include the Narita Express (N'EX), the Airport Narita trains of the JR Yokosuka-Sobu Line, and the Keisei Skyliner. Another option is to take limousine buses from the airport, which includes the Airport Limousine bus from Narita. Information on fares and schedules are available from the internet links I provided.

The Airport Limousine counter at the arrival area where people may inquire about routes and schedules, and purchase tickets
Bus stops are located just outside Narita Terminal 1
The information boards on Airport Limousine stops provide information for the next bus for a particular destination in both Japanese and English.
Smoking areas are located outside the airport and are enclosed (there's ventilation).
A bus bound for the Yokohama City Air Terminal (YCAT) is shown loading passengers. I used to take this bus as an alternative for going to Yokohama, where I lived for 3 years in the 1990s. My other option was the Airport Narita trains of the JR Yokosuka-Sobu Line.
Back of a bus bound for Shibuya and Futako Tamagawa in western Tokyo.

When I was still residing in Yokohama, I usually took the train to Narita and the bus when returning from the airport and via YCAT. This was because I usually travelled lighter when going to Manila than when I was returning since I brought back some food items for times when I was feeling homesick and longed for something familiar to eat. Cost-wise, the airport limousine bus service cost a bit more but was more convenient for my return trips. Later, in my stays at Saitama, the obvious choice was the bus to and from Narita through Omiya Station as traveling by rail was more complicated due to the transfers. The additional cost is easily justified by the convenience and comfort provided by the bus service.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Meals while waiting - Le Bistro at NAIA T2

Whenever I am fetching the Clairvoyant or anyone else at the international arrivals of NAIA Terminal 2, I make it a point to arrive early so I am able to get a good parking slot. When I am there for an evening or night arrival, I also try to grab a bite at a cafe located just across from the waiting area. Le Bistro used to be where a Figaro cafe was located. I patronized both and usually had a good seat where I could burn some time before the wife's plane arrived. It is a tad expensive when compared with fastfood restos like Jollibee and McDonalds but I find the price fair considering they do have good coffee and food that I usually find to be the same quality as Starbucks. I learned from someone later that Le Bistro is owned by a group that broke away from Figaro, hence the same quality and offerings on the menu. There are kiosks at the parking lot near the gate to the terminal building but they offer only the usual sandwiches and meals whose prices are quite exorbitant for me. Magbabayad na rin lang, yung sigurado na ako sa kalidad at lasa.

Chorizo pasta and iced tea
Le Bistro at NAIA Terminal 2

Friday, July 27, 2012

Flora at Changi Terminal 2

I took a few photos of the plants at the Changi Airport Terminal 2 in Singapore. The orchids and other tropical plants provide a nice touch to the airport and seems to be an added attraction for visitors. I spotted a few tourists taking photos with the plants, particularly the orchids in the background. The orchids are endemic to Southeast Asia and I do remember some of them from my mother's garden.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Comfort food - Pancake House at T3

After refraining from eating beef or pork during Lent, I had my first meal with either as I was waiting for a friend at the airport. Her delayed flight allowed for enough time to have a leisurely dinner at the Pancake House at NAIA Terminal 3. The restaurant is among our favorites as it some of what we consider as comfort food including, of course, their pancakes and waffles. This time, I chose to order their spaghetti with meat sauce and their house iced tea.

Pancake House's spaghetti with meat sauce with their house iced tea on the side

I am a regular at this branch at T3 whether I am fetching someone at the airport or taking a flight myself. I usually come early for my flights so I am not harried. This usually means I would have enough time to relax and take something before a flight. The good thing with the established restaurants located at T3 is that they retain their prices unlike other restos in the other NAIA terminals that usually have overpriced items on their menus (presyong turista or presyong airport).

Also, on trips to Tagaytay, I remember we usually stop over at Paseo Sta. Rosa to have our breakfast at the Pancake House branch there. What we usually have for breakfast is either pancakes or waffles and a side order of their Country Sausage. The Clairvoyant would usually have her refillable cup of coffee while I would opt for hot chocolate or a glass of orange juice.