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Friday, September 22, 2017

Pho 2000

Since this was my first trip to Vietnam, I was looking forward to enjoying their food. After a nice long walk around our accommodations where we were able to take a few photos of attractions like the Opera House and City Hall, we ended up at Ben Thanh Market to check the prices of some items we planned to purchase before coming home later in the week. Satisfied with our expedition, my friend and mentor took me to the nearby Pho 2000, which became famous when then US President Bill Clinton ate there. There we had our rather early dinner.

They had a simple straightforward menu
There were only a few of us eating at the restaurant as it was only 5:30 PM when we were there.
The logo of the restaurant states "Pho for Presidents"
We both ordered chicken pho that came with bean sprouts and mint leaves
We also ordered and enjoyed fried spring rolls
As we were tired from our walk, we also ordered coconut water in the shell. This was quite a refreshing drink and so suitable after our walk.
The restaurant has a lot of framed photos of former US President Clinton enjoying his meal there.
The original restaurant was on the ground floor of the building. That area has since become a branch of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Pho 2000 moved to the 2nd Floor but access is through CBTL. They have good food and an efficient staff at this restaurant. Its perfect for those who want to enjoy authentic pho but also want a clean, safe place where they could have a good meal.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Vietnamese dinner - Part 3

I interrupt my series of art postings with a retro topic. I was checking how many drafts I had waiting to be completed when I noticed there seemed to be one missing from the more recent ones I started writing. It turned out I left out one draft from way back in 2013 so this is like something I started 4 years ago that I now will try to finish. This draft was written when we were still residing at our old home in lower Antipolo.

The photos show the step-by-step process for making Vietnamese spring rolls. The Clairvoyant learned this together with a couple of friends while on vacation there.

Herbs and cabbage are carefully placed on the wrapper, which is made of rice
Rice noodles
Ingredients for the Vietnamese dishes
Beans sprout are washed in running water
Bean sprouts or toge
Ingredients for the spring rolls
Rolling the fresh spring rolls
Plating for the spring rolls. Those flowers are made of tomatoes.
The dip for the spring rolls with floating flowers made of carrots.
I asked the Clairvoyant if she could remember how to make the spring rolls and she said she probably has her notes from their Vietnamese food lessons stashed somewhere. We hope to find it soon and be able to enjoy some homemade spring rolls again soon.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vietnamese dinner - Part 2

The "cooking party" was a fun activity and between the exchanges of notes from the memories of those who took the cooking lessons in Hanoi, there were lots of other stories as friends got reacquainted after a long time of not seeing each other.

After shaving the green papaya and carrots, these are squeezed of their juices.
One can use a clean cloth to squeeze out the juices from the papayas and carrots
Papaya and carrots after the squeeze
The papaya and carrots are then placed in a bowl where they are to be mixed
Sesame oil is added to the papaya and carrots as they are mixed by hand
The hand-mixing process
Papaya salad
The next part was the preparation of the dip
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Vietnamese dinner - Part 1

I've only recently appreciated Vietnamese cuisine but mainly through a popular Vietnamese restaurant as I have not been to Vietnam. It was the Clairvoyant who introduced me to Vietnamese food, which at first I thought had some similarities to Thai food (which we like) but then learned had a distinct taste as well as ingredients and preparations for it to be called authentic.

The Clairvoyant went to Hanoi recently with some of her friends where they attended a short cooking session. In the half-day class, they were able to learn a lot including the preparation of our favorite fresh spring rolls. And so coming back to Manila, they decided to organize dinner where they would be demonstrating their proficiency for their newly gained knowledge of Vietnamese cooking. Following is a first set of photos of what would be a journal of sorts for the adventure culminating in a late dinner one Saturday night.

Cutting up the onions
Rose petals out of tomato skin
Green papaya salad for vegetarian fare
Tomato roses

Hard labor? The preparation of Vietnamese food

All fresh and natural ingredients
Green papaya shavings for the salad
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