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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Swatch diver's watch 2 - Cuttlefish

We have three Swatch divers' watches. Two are with me and one with the Clairvoyant. This is the latest one that she gave to me as a gift for our wedding anniversary 3 years ago. It is a newer model that she got while traveling to London and is called the Cuttlefish.

The watch has a plastic cover, a rotating bezel and silicone strap with plastic buckle.
The transparent face shows the watch movement.
Like the other watch, you can easily replace the battery from the back using a coin or screw driver to open the encasement. Be careful not to lose the rubber seal that's under the battery encasement cover.
This is a 20bar watch that you can use for swimming, snorkeling or diving. We have used it while swimming in Palawan and Cebu in our more recent trips. There's some sign of corrosion when I last changed batteries and shown in the photo above.
I am not sure if this will be my last Swatch but it will be for a while as I juggle the watches I already have. There's just too many designs for Swatch watches and I prefer the ones I can use when I do fieldwork or swimming so it has to be waterproof like these divers watches.

Friday, October 20, 2017

My first divers' watch - Swatch Radar

I got my first divers' watch along with my first automatic watch back in 2004. I got this also from the same shop at Akihabara (Laox) where I got my other Swatches from 2004. I had wanted a watch that I could swim with. I don't dive but we enjoy going to the beaches or the swimming pools of the better hotels we stay at.

This watch is called the Radar.
Instead of a plastic, metal or silicone strap, this one had a textile strap with velcro
Water resistance is at 200m and I have used this watch for swimming in Bohol, Palawan, Cebu, Iligan, Sarangani, Bali and other places where I could take a dip. You can easily change the battery from the back.
A close-up of the watch face doesn't allow you to see when it was madebut an even closer inspection of the bottom with a magnifier shows it was made in 1997.
This 20-year old watch is another favorite of mine and which I often take along with me to trips where I could expect to have an opportunity to swim. It is also among the watches I prefer to take on field work as it is a reliable watch and looks regular enough not to catch unwanted attention.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Another old Swatch automatic - Aniak

I wrote about my first Swatch not too long ago. This time around, I am featuring another Swatch automatic watch that is my wife's. I did get this initially for myself but it ended up with her. Maybe it was the design? I was intrigued by the design when I saw it in a pile in a Japanese shop. I did not hesitate to include it with my purchases that day.

The design was apparently inspired by ancient cave paintings
The watch face is transparent and shows the movement. This model is called Aniak.
A closer look reveals the model that was released in 1995. This makes it a couple of years 'newer' than my 1993 Swatch automatic. It's still an old one at 22 years.
A close look at the bracelet shows more creatures.
Here's a photo of the movement from the transparent back. The ETA 2840 automatic movement uses 23 jewels and runs at 21,600 beats/hour with a power reserve of 48 hours.
These watches had a default 3bar water resistance meaning you could use it for washing hands or some exposure to rain.
While this is only occasionally used, we consider it one of our favorites in our collection and one that our daughter will probably like to wear when she's of age.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Swatch automatic - my first Swatch - Silver Baron

I got my first Swatch not when I was in high school when it first came out or in college but many years after when I was already earning a decent salary. Back in the day, my classmates who were financially better off brandished their Swatches while I had a more humble Seiko quartz. They even had Swatch guards as the plastic watches were not scratch proof. I wondered then how they could tell the time when the guards practically covered the watch face.

My first Swatches were my first Swiss watches. The other one is my divers watch. This old watch's original strap was plastic. The plastic buckle already gave way but I have it stashed in the box. I replaced it many years ago with an authentic Swatch bracelet/strap shown in the photo. I learned that the name of this model is Silver Baron.
This watch came out in 1993 but I got it in 2005. It was brand new but an old model that I got for 1,980 yen (tax included). It is now 24 years old (12 years with me).
The automatic movement contains 21 jewels and is an ETA 2840 that was made exclusively for Swatch. At 21,600 beats/hour and power reserve of 48 hours, the watch still gives good time and is among my choices for everyday use. Water resistance is 3bar (30m).
There is another automatic Swatch that I bought in 2005. That still has its original strap and is occasionally used by the Clairvoyant when she's in casual wear mode. More on watches soon!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Swatch auto quartz - Approaching Dial

I checked our Swatch watches over the weekend to see if the batteries had run out on any of the three quartz watches. Three of these were divers' watches with 200m water resistance ratings and perhaps are the watches of choice when we go out and expect to be swimming or snorkeling. And then I saw one watch that I have tried to preserve because it is becoming quite a rare one in its current condition. The watch is a Swatch with an auto quartz movement. Auto quartz is the Swiss version of the Kinetic produced by Seiko and they have stopped producing the movement for almost 2 decades now.

The watch with its original leather strap is called Approaching Dial.
This watch caught my attention when I was diving into the Swatch watches on sale at a popular duty free shop in Akihabara in Tokyo. I immediately picked this one (the only one in the pile) among others that I ended up purchasing in 2008. The brand new watches were still practically being sold cheap at under 2,000 yen before taxes.
The transparent back allows a nice view of the movement.
This one shows the watch contained 15 jewels.
This watch came out in 1998 but I got it brand new back in 2008 at a Tokyo shop. Now it is almost 2 decades old and still functioning quite well considering its capacitor's old though not used often. Water resistance is 3bar (30m), which is typically okay for activities such as washing hands.

Swatch released only 10 models using the auto quartz movement and along with this model, I recall purchasing 2 others that I gave as gifts. One is with my brother (Glimp) and the other (I forgot what it looked like) is with a good friend. I've seen them wearing their Swatches from time to time so I know the watches still work but just not the watches of choice for everyday use. More about watches in future posts.