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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Hossein, Serendra, BGC

We had a craving for Indian food one Saturday. We ended up going at Hossein at Serendra in Bonifacion Global City. We had wanted to try out the restaurant as we missed eating kebabs and curry but we kept on putting it off as we didn't know if our daughter would like this food. Since our favorite Indian restaurant closed shop a few years ago, we had tried several restaurants for our tandooris, tikkas, kebabs and other dishes we enjoyed.

Chicken tikka
Shish kebab
Basmati rice
I also had lassi to go with our food. We were not really surprised that our daughter liked the food we ordered as she likes to eat flavorful food. I think she became curious about the food partly because of the fragrance and when she tasted the dishes she instantly was able to appreciate the taste. The food was good and the service, too. Their staff were attentive and helpful, which we liked because we had our little daughter with us. She can be a handful for a girl turning three this January. We will definitely be back for our Persian/Indian food cravings. Of course, we will be on the lookout for other restaurants offering this food as well and hopefully one closer to home.