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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Capital Seafood Restaurant, Monterey Park

After church on the Sunday, the day before our flight back home as we concluded our vacation last May, our cousins took us to Capital Seafood Restaurant. Our cousins, like us, like good Chinese food and Capital is a very popular restaurant in Monterey Park where we could have a great lunch. The queues are quite long (a proof of the restaurant's popularity) so we had to wait for our number to be called and eventually led to our table by their staff.

Vegetables, rice, noodles and other delights you can order or wait for their staff to go around for you to choose from their carts
Lunch entrees
They had a wide selection of dimsum and breads
The shrimp hakaw was really good with us joking that they used prawns instead of shrimp.
Steamed pork dumplings, crispy coconut buns (pan de coco if you're in the Philippines), and noodles from our lobster dish
Almond souffle
Pineapple custard bun - this was a very pleasant surprise for us
I wasn't able to take a photo of the other items we ordered including the steamed vegetables and other dim sum we had ordered. Nevertheless, the photos cannot substitute for the splendid lunch we had there. We are also already looking forward to the next time we visit our relatives in LA and explore other places for lunch and dinner.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

DeSano Pizza Bakery

Our niece Kate recently tagged us in photos showing them eating again at their favorite Italian place in Los Angeles. DeSano Pizza Bakery is located just across the street and a few minutes walk from our niece's and her husband's home in LA. Our cousins (Kate's parents) live nearby and so it was a short drive from our "home" in LA to the restaurant. The restaurant more than lived up for the hype our cousins built towards our dining there. I would personally say that it's so far the best pizza I've eaten. Of course, I haven't been to Italy so my readers should excuse my assessment.

The pizza-bakery was founded in 1889
The menu is displayed at the counter upon entry to the restaurant.
There are four ovens in the restaurant - one each for the type of pizza. One also notices the ingredients for their offerings stacked near the spacious kitchen for everyone to see. These are also actually for sale for anyone who would want to try replicating their pastas and pizzas.
The chef and his staff were very busy at the popular restaurant. It is an open kitchen so patrons/customers get to see how their food are made.
DeSano's Napoletana
Close-up of our terrific Napoletana pizza
They had two large TVs; one showing NBA games and another football matches. There were jerseys of popular football teams on display on the wall - Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Liverpool
DeSano's Lasagna pizza is a favorite of our niece
We also had Gelato for dessert but I have yet to download the photos taken by the wife and our cousins. We look forward to our next visit to DeSano and, of course, Los Angeles.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Lunch at The Grove

The Grove is a good place to meet up with relatives and friends whenever we are in Los Angeles. It is convenient in terms of location. It has parking (which is important for family and friends who are most likely to take their cars) and there are many restaurants to choose from (including the adjacent Farmers Market) where you can sit down for a meal or perhaps just sip a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. We had glorious weather the Saturday we were there so we took a short stroll checking out a few restaurants before deciding where to have lunch. We ended up at La Piazza towards the end of the lunch hour and so we were able to get a good table for our meal.

The Farmers' Market is just beside The Grove and the clock tower marks where it is with respect to the mall.
A lot of people were out to enjoy the crisp sun, a welcome respite from the cool weather. It was still cool but the sun made it a nice time be outdoors.
One of the best tuna sandwiches I've had with the menu indicating it had handline tuna, which is a more sustainable way of catching the fish.
Penne Arrabbiata

The fountain at the plaza with the theater in the background
Stalls and kiosks selling food (pretzels, hotdogs, etc.) and various stuff (smartphone cases, cables, caps, etc.)
Nike store ad - there are many other stores at The Grove including a Barnes & Noble and Nordstrom
Another look at The Grove
Coming soon: the original Farmers' Market.