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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Kafe Paradiso, Mabitac, Laguna

Our road trip to Lucena in the Province of Quezon, we passed by many of the eastern towns of Rizal and Laguna. We noticed a lot of improvements in all the towns - a clear sign of progress. The last time I traveled along these roads was in September 2009 when I went to Naga City to be guest speaker at a student conference hosted by the Ateneo de Naga University. That time, it was quite rainy all throughout our drive to Naga and the trip back. There are noticeable changes (on the positive side) including residential developments with some that appear to be packaged as vacation or retirement homes. There are, of course, the usual commercial developments but we were on the lookout for eating places along our route so that we could probably stop by one of them on the way back. We drove early to Lucena so many establishments aside from the usual roadside eateries were still closed.

One of those that caught our interest is a restaurant in Mabitac, Laguna near the border of Rizal and Laguna with Kafe Paradiso is right at the entrance to what looks like a leisure farms type of residential development. They have a good menu though we didn't inquire if all the items were available. We also learned that only the development's and restaurant's owners had built a house there so far, which was also near the highway and across from the cafe along the main road of the development.

Kafe Paradiso is located along the national highway in Mabitac, Laguna
Empty tables of what we imagine to be what could be an attractive stop for people traveling to Laguna, Quezon and the Bicol Region via the Rizal route east of Metro Manila.
The cafe has a spacious interior that adheres to Philippine/Asian architecture and interiors
The owners' home across from the cafe looks to be a good design for a vacation home. The location of the development is quite far from the city and any major commercial area including the Mabitac and Pililla town centers, which could be the work places for people opting to locate here.
Japanese-inspired lanterns hang in the trees around the cafe
Kafe Paradiso's menu
Entrance to the cafe
A closer view of the facade of the cafe

It was about 4PM when we made a stopover at the cafe. We decided to have a heavy enough meal and opted to order from their all-day breakfast list thinking we can't go wrong with the classic silogs listed. I totally forgot to take a photo of one of the best tapsilogs I've tasted. It was probably due to us already being hungry. We hope to be back one day perhaps again on the way to Lucena where we likely would have a project soon. Of course, we will also be checking out other places to eat so we could enjoy the food in these towns of Rizal and Laguna.