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Monday, March 4, 2019

Junghans vintage watch with Cal. 687 movement

My watch collection includes several German brand watches. I have written about the Glashuttes, the Laco, the Anker and the Pallas. This time, I write about another watch that is also quite collectible - Junghans. This is a 17-jewel manual wind watch I acquired only this year.

This watch has a simple dial - no day or date feature. It says Made in Germany at the bottom of the dial.
Side view showing the crown
The other side view. You can notice that the strap had been 'customized' so it would fit the 17mm lugs for this watch. Cutting off part of the leather can be tricky as the strap might become loose if more material than what was intended were removed.
A very clean case back showing the watch to be of stainless steel, shockproof and water-protected. I assume this Junghans was a model intended for the international market as, unlike the Glashutte watches I previously featured, the features are in English (instead of in German).
Here is a wrist shot of the watch
The watch runs on a Junghans Cal. 687 movement running at 18,000 bph with an original power reserve of 45h. This was a photo I took with the old strap still on the watch.
I have worn the watch several times and it runs very well. Each time, it has functioned for more than 40 hours while gaining only a few second over that period. Not bad for a watch that was probably made between 1963-1969, which makes this 50 or more years old.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Anker vintage watch with PUW 500 movement

My collection of vintage watches includes this German watch from 1940. I got this Anker from one a seller from Serbia who's become something like a friend already. It's perhaps I give him good business and he delivers on his part ensuring the watches I got from him arrive in good condition. :)

Simple dial with sub-second feature. Note, too, the lugs on this watch that is commonly referred to as a bull's horns
Side view showing the crown
The other side view
Case back showing the watch back to be of stainless steel but for the body to be 20 microns gold plated
Inside the back cover, there are etchings from previous repairs and maintenance. I haven't gotten to deciphering the dates from these but it would be interesting to establish the history for this watch.
Here's the PUW 500 movement that runs at 18,000 bph with an original power reserve of 43 hours
The watch on my wrist after I fitted it with a Hirsch strap. I thought it was just appropriate for this vintage timepiece.
Here is another wrist shot

I timed the watch recently and it lasted about 42 hours on a full wind. Again, this is not bad for a 79-year old watch. Of course, I use it sometimes like the 83-year old Laco I also have. That way, they get to run from time to time. Needless to say, these vintage watches need some routine maintenance like cleaning and oiling by our suking watchman.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Glashütte Spezichron Diver vintage watch

My collection of Glashütte watches includes this rare chronometer-grade piece. "Spezichron" is short for "Spezial chronometer" and unlike my Spezimatic watches (GUB Cal. 74 and 75) that run at 18,000A/h, this one is a GUB Cal. 11-27 runs at 28,800A/h. That's Hi-Beat if you consider the Seiko GS and KS models having the same beats per hour.

This diver has date and day features. It takes some effort to change the day and date but the obsessive-compulsive part of me just can't allow for these not to be adjusted. The day feature language is German so you have to familiarize yourself with their equivalent of each day of the week.
Side view showing the crown
The other side view
Case back with inscriptions stating the watch to be waterproof, shockproof and made of stainless steel. The back also shows some wear and tear (not from my use but the previous owner's).
Close-up of the dial showing the lumed hours and hands. You also see the Made in GDR inscribed at the bottom of the face.
Glow in the dark - the lumes are working well on this watch
The obligatory wrist shot

This model can retail up to about 1,200 USD based on what you can Google from the internet especially if the watch is in good condition (saw another being sold at 2,300 SGD). This is a diver but I have never used it for swimming. Vintage watches like this (ca. 1980 or about 38 years old as of this writing) are quite risky for swimming though they should hold up in water resistance for typical situations like washing your hands or walking under rainshower (with an umbrella or jacket, of course!). I haven't gotten to estimating the power reserve on this watch but it lasts overnight after a day's use.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Glashütte Spezimatic Cal. 74 vintage watch

Here is a very elegant watch in my collection that I am featuring this Sunday. This is a Glashütte Spezimatic Cal. 74. It has a very simple yet elegant design that's perfect for any occasion, whether casual or formal.

Can't go wrong with black. This is elegance in simplicity.
Side view showing the crown
The other side view
Close up of the watch face/dial showing no date or day complications
Back of the watch indicating (in German) that this is stainless steel, shockproof, 20microns gold-plated, and waterproof. And, of course, it is Made in Germany.
I keep the postcard the wife sent me the first time she was traveling across Europe.
Pristine Cal. 74 spezimatic (special automatic) movement for a vintage watch. This beats at 18,000 A/h with a power reserve of 37hours. Movements like this were manufactured between 1964 and 1980 so the watch is probably just about my age. :)
I usually wear this on formal occasions as the other watches can be quite hefty on the wrist and an ill fit with the Barong Tagalog. This is more of a low key watch as many people in the Philippines are not quite aware of the brand, which is now part of the Swatch Group.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Glashütte Spezimatic Cal. 75, World Timer

Among my favorites is this Glashütte World Timer. The brand is German and is now classified as a luxury watch under the brand Glashütte Original and part of the Swatch Group. This came about from the privatization of what was VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe (GUB) of East Germany as I have written previously.

The first thing I noticed about the watch, and which makes it rare, is the inclusion of Manila on the rotating bezel. Most world timers will only have Hong Kong, which is in the same time zone as Manila.
The watch's bezel is pretty beaten up but that adds to the allure and value of the watch. It was probably a daily beater for the previous owner and not something worn on special occasions only.
Another side view showing the crown and the date feature
The watch back showing it to be waterproof (wasserdicht), shockproof (stossgesichert) and of stainless steel (edelstahl). It also shows the watch was made in the GDR or East Germany.
Close-up of the watch face showing the very interesting (to me) color combination and the 'Made in GDR'.
The watch on my wrist as I worked on a presentation.
As I picked up a couple of watches I had cleaned, I asked my watch guy to open the back to check if the watch needed maintenance. I took advantage and got this photo of the movement. The watch is in better condition than my UFO, which I had serviced recently.
Here is a clearer photo of the movement, which is a GUB Caliber 75, the same as my UFO, which runs on 18,000 A/h.
The watch is supposed to have a power reserve of 37h but I have recorded this to last about 39 to 40 hours. The watch keeps good time and I use it regularly in my rotation. The current rotation is comprised of this watch, my Kokutetsu Citizen Homer, and my Mido Ocean Star Cal. 80. :)

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Glashütte Spezimatic Cal. 75 "UFO"

With the exit of Germany from the World Cup, I thought about posting on something German. One watch brand that had eluded me was Glashütte. It is of German make and is now classified as a luxury watch under the brand Glashütte Original and part of the Swatch Group. This came about from the privatization of what was VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe (GUB) of East Germany after the unification of the country after the fall of the Iron Curtain. My first Glashütte is a bit unusual - the UFO.

Interesting color for the watch face, which shows a date feature
Side view showing the watch thickness and the relatively big crown
Another side view
A front and center photo of the watch - what appear to be lumes on the hands and dial are not but are helpful for reading the time even in poor lighting.
The case back indicates this was made in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) or East Germany. The inscription of GUB is there and there is also an inscription showing what looks like symbols of the mining industry - probably a recognition for 25 years of service. "Goldplaque" means this is a gold-plated watch.
The watch on my wrist
I have not opened the watch but this photo came from the seller. This is a Cal. 75, which runs at 18,000 beats per hour
I got this watch from a seller in Poland. It is quite a challenge to find legitimate watches online as vintage watches of this brand are quite popular and desirable for its quality and designs. Earlier, I had tried to get one while I was a trip in Europe but couldn't get the opportunity to explore (I wasn't on vacation but on official travel). Glashütte watches are quite expensive from sellers in the Philippines and it is less expensive to source them from abroad. One seller posted on watches that were priced between 20,000 to 30,000 pesos when similar legitimate models can be purchased for less than half those prices. These were still much less expensive even when you add the cost for expedited shipping through Fedex or DHL.