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Monday, February 25, 2019

King Seiko 5626 7040 Chronometer - BMBY

Today's my day and I write about a watch that has much sentimental value to me is one that I only recently acquired. It is a watch from my BMBY or birth-month-birth-year. I had thought previously that The Watch was supposed to be a Seiko slide rule model but then I was a bit lucky to have found this King Seiko.

The watch is a certified chronometer with a date and Kanji & English day feature
This features a hi-beat movement, which is 28,800 bph and the model numbers on the back match the model numbers at the bottom of the dial.
Case back showing the serial number and model number as well as the correct medallion for this model.
Signed crown
Another view of the dial and the baton hands
Here's yet another view featuring the signed crown
The watch came without a strap but I had already prepared for this with a handmade leather strap I had made by an excellent leathersmith I met online. I also have a Hirsch strap for this watch.

The watch's day feature wasn't working when I got it. And so I brought the watch to my suking watch repairman who cleaned the movement and fixed the day feature. It's now fully functional and keeps accurate time. Though I want to wear it more often, I've managed to make it part of a rotation that allows me to care for my favorites in my collection. That way, I am able to reduce the wear from using the watch so often. If this were something like a baseball or basketball game, the rotation of 5 would probably be this watch, my moon watch, the Futurematic, my favorite Kinetic and the Ocean Star. Honorable mentions would be my other hi-beat KS, my JR railway watch and the Landmaster. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February the 40th

I have written about February being my month. It is, after all, my birth month. Allow me to share a little about part of my life that was imparted to me during my formative years until I graduated from high school. I studied at Lourdes School where the Capuchin Fathers guided us in our Christian education.

I believe that the Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi is a very powerful reflection and one that is apt in our everyday lives. It is something that I start my day with upon waking up in the morning. It is something that I never forget to pray especially on days I anticipate to be difficult. The video below is the prayer sung in English by the Philippine Madrigal Singers during one of their recent tours in Europe.

Another prayer is the Canticle of the Creatures or Canticle of the Sun. It is a very beautiful prayer proclaiming appreciation of the things around you. It is something appropriate in these times when our environment has seen so much degradation, when we have failed to appreciate even the most simple things for their deeper and not necessarily commercial value. Below is the Canticle sung by Andrea Bocelli in Italian.


This is probably more familiar in the popular form taught to us in school. The video below is from the film "Brother Sun, Sister Moon" that was shown to us back when we were in grade school. The clip features Sts. Francis and Clare of Assisi discovering God in their own way and proclaiming this through the Canticle.

I am thankful that these prayers or reflections are now available through YouTube. The media should be among the instruments for sharing such material for generations to come who might no longer have the time to meditate about what's happening around us and to us in this electronic age.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Quick February

February always goes by quickly. It's probably one of my frustrations for a month that's always been lucky for me. I even remember being disappointed in college for exams not falling in February and instead being scheduled in the first week of March. It was like losing a golden opportunity to perform well. Of course, people will say that one needs to study well for an exam and not just rely on luck. Well, I did study well for my exams and I always thought that being lucky is not such a bad thing. After all, feeling lucky may be likened to a placebo and can be a good morale booster in such times of trials (or exams).

March is very much welcome though. A quick February also means that the summer break is just around the corner. It's warmer in March but the nights still offer a frequent cool breeze to soothe both mind and body after a day at work.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I have always claimed and believed that February is my month. It may partly be due to February being my birthmonth or it may be just be pure luck that it is during this month that I have my best days (sorry December).

If history will be the basis for my claim, the facts and trends will surely be on my side. My scores, for example, are always highest for exams and quizzes taken in February. That is why I always was frustrated if one of my teachers or profs didn't schedule an exam during this month. I felt that these were practically lost opportunities on my part as I was always sure to ace whatever it was that was given in February.

Weather is also most pleasant in the Philippines in February and there is that sense of summer approaching. When I was in Japan, I had cold Februaries but these were always tempered by the promise of Spring, often manifesting itself in the suddenly warm days abruptly inserted between windy, chilly times.

I will always love February, whatever it brings. It is my month. It is THE month.