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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A week of chairs

I'd like to think this week was about chairs starting when I had my chair given to me by the Clairoyant sometime in 2008 or 2009 re-upholstered. It wasn't a total re-upholstering and I didn't have to bring it to a shop. I was lucky that one of our staff, our driver Bert, was knowledgeable of such things as upholstery. I remembered this as he had already fixed some chairs and the conference table at one of our laboratories at the center. He did a great job on those so I consulted him on my chair. And so we ended up dismantling the chair and replacing parts of the leather that was damaged from the weathering effect of use the past 4 years. The result is the chair in the photo where the damaged leather (on the seat, armrests and upper back parts) were replaced with better material. My two-tone chair should last more years.

Refurbished chair
This morning, I also sat on two special chairs. First was the dental chair when I had my regular appointment with our dentist in Marikina. I had my teeth cleaned and one filling fixed. Next stop for me was a visit to the barber shop and another special chair. I had my hair cut a week earlier than usual as I would be on trips in the next two weekends to conclude summer - a long-planned return to Panglao in Bohol and my regular visit to Singapore where the Clairvoyant is based. I expect to be seated in another chair in Panglao, the folding type and facing the excellent beaches at the resort.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


I had another tooth extracted this morning. But before anyone thinks I had one pulled out only recently, "recent" for me was January 2009. I remember blogging about it then as I had a great experience back then. It was good enough for me to write about past experiences not in detail but in general. Doc Toto changed all that last year and this morning was a repeat performance for a tooth that started bothering me during a trip to Iloilo last September. Hindi ako pinatulog the night before I was to deliver a presentation and it was the first time I had a tooth ache in more than a decade. I decided then that I had to have it extracted soon but after the semester was over.

The Clairvoyant had more recent procedures performed. The two most dreaded words associated with dental appointments are probably "root canal." Often, these words are used in sitcoms (part of slapstick comedy?) or stories where the teller appears to be relating a horrific experience similar to a road crash or tremendous turbulence while in-flight. Well, the root canal procedure went well and was practically pain-free, thanks to the skills of our dentist. I do hope, however, that I won't undergo something like that. I can just imagine the anticipation alone will cause me a lot of stress.

Well back to my morning appointment. I had a worn-out tooth extracted and had the rest of my teeth cleaned. The damaged tooth was practically similar to the other one last year only on the left side. Now I rest and recover and try to my best to maintain my dental health. Who knows, maybe I should consider braces?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dental Appointments

I used to dread going to the dentist. I've been to many dentists including a family friend (my father's, actually), a company dentist (again from my father's), dentists designated by HMOs, dentists at the University, and dentists referred to by friends.

I've been traumatized by a very unpleasant extraction back in my grade school days (I was probably Grade 3 at the time and the anesthesia technology was probably quite primitive still.). Since then, whether its a simple cleaning or a routine filling, I've always been stressed up just thinking of the "ordeal" that I would have to go through. The smell of tooth being grinded or drilled, and the sound of the drill adds to the anxiety felt in a typical visit.

All that changed in the recent months as I finally found the dentist that made all the fear go away, as if exorcising me from the nightmares of past dental appointments. Indeed, my new dentist is a very good one. Magaan ang kamay, as is the common description by patients who are happy with their dentists, especially after they have a tooth or teeth extracted.

Truth to tell, I had a worn out wisdom tooth extracted to start the New Year. This was no mere tooth, but something that has become quite notorious for me procrastinating about its fate. It had a long history as I monitored its deterioration since 1997 when decay set in, most probably the product of too many grape-flavored Mentos I used to consume during my regular walks to and from the University.

I felt nothing as I became acquainted with modern dental anesthesia. But credit really must go to the dentist, my dentist if you allow me, for doing the best extraction in my not so pleasant dental history so far. I now look forward to my next visit - for a filling or two. Braces? That I may have to think about...and maybe soon.

And oh, before I forget, the contact information for my dentist:

my dental space
17 Barcelona Tower, Marquinton Residences,
Sumulong Highway, Marikina City
(Tel) 02-933-1717