Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cory Aquino, 1933-2009

Thank you President Aquino...may your legacy sustain us and serve as a an enduring example of the sacrifices that have to be made if we are to emerge as a peaceful, progressive and united nation in the face of adversities.

May you continue your advocacy and may you intercede for us even after you have left this world to gain eternal life. Perhaps it is only fitting that the analogy be made to events as related in the Silmarillion, where Eärendil made the voyage to Valinor to seek the aid of the Valar in vanquishing the pain and suffering that brought upon by Morgoth, Sauron and the elves and men who were corrupted in so many ways. So too do I hope that your passing remind us of what needs to be done to make this nation great!