Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mornings Revealed

i never

clutched the pillows so hard

on nights colder than others,


laughed so much, or

sang as my heart sang

or danced

unmindful of my feet.

you are my first waking thought at daybreak

the sunbeam dancing in my head

the secret source of my smile

protagonist of my daydreams

sweet soft breeze on my cheek

my unceasing fount of inspiration

usher of my peaceful evenings

my soothing lullaby

my love



my dreams sit in rapt awe,


as the sun slowly weaves

into a waking sky

and I remain swathed

with faint memories

of the night before.

beginnings and endings


at that precious second

when the scents of dawn

descend on my pillow

and I sift through yesterday

with a shy smile.

today awaits, hope soars


than my hands can ever grasp,

where my soul finds odd comfort

and joy.